Lessons from Beer Gardens

Queens Beer GardenWhat are beer gardens? In the modern day it could mean any number of things from a massive garden to a small one on the side of a restaurant. They are however extremely popular and you can create your own with a singular style of outdoor bar furniture.

The definition of a “beer garden” is very simple. It was originally a German tradition that spread out all over the world and was called “Biergarten” in German. These places were favorite hangouts during Oktoberfest and other celebrations where you would, what else, consume quite a bit of beer and eat some food.

In the modern day their function has changed very little. They usually have a beer hall, pub or restaurant on the side that ferries drinks and dishes out to them. Perhaps usually isn’t the right word as we cannot think of one that does not have any of those.

Today this tradition has stretched all across the world. We have them here in the United States where beautiful horticulture matches excellent food. They also have sturdy outdoor furniture to match this level of quality as well. All of these are important parts of the atmosphere. In Japan they have their own signature styles of smaller plants and exquisitely crafted door work. In Japan where urban sprawl is a host problems and host/hostess clubs dominate the streets they are located on rooftops. This is really cool because they can combine the plants with a view.

So what lessons can you learn from them? There are quite a few. The first one is to have some nice serving outdoor furniture. This could be a long table with a bench or a buffet that you place the food on. It’s rare to find a human being who doesn’t want to have a party at some point. You might need any of these pieces of outside restaurant furniture.

Proximity of your outdoor furniture to a serving area is great as well. If you can create an outdoor kitchen then that is even better. That is something which can really impress everyone. Of course just having something to get food from nearby is important.

Your glassware can also add to the ambiance of any personal beer garden. Depending on the style you want you may choose to have massive steins that people can get copious amounts of beverages from. Or you may go with some simple wine glasses for sipping high quality fare over time. You would of course go with a rustic or high fashion style depending on which you were going for.

Do not forget to add your own work with plants. Having shrubbery, trees and much more are all important parts of any garden. This one is no different from any of the other ones in that regard of course.

The final touch is of course the food and beer, which is beyond the scope of our blog. We’re going to leave it up to you to find out what your friends and family want from that. We’re sure they will tell you.



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