Lessons from Outdoor Snow Bars

A Frosty MugOutdoor snow bars have many lessons on furniture that they can teach us. From views on shelter to unexpected pieces that fit well anyway there are a huge amount of things to learn all around. Today we’re going to go over these and give you a few lessons of your own to check out. You may even find it useful for your own designs.

One major thing with these is that bizarre outdoor furniture is absolutely essential all around. This means you can have a bar but also a hot tub nearby. This is a favorite of many bars. You want a way to warm up after having cooled down and the reverse is also true. This is why you see so many refreshing pools near bars in hot areas. Things that are opposites in design can be symmetrical and create an absolutely amazing combination all around.

So how would you go about designing your outdoor snow bar? First you need a way to keep it cool. You can always go with the traditional fridge even in the snow but you might go for a cool and environmentally friendly solution. There are containers that can let in the cold from outside that can help keep your drinks cool all the time. A wooden or metal container can easily let it in.

There is however a danger to that if things are too cold in your area. Due to the absolutely massive alcohol content it doesn’t freeze properly but keeps getting colder and colder. If you are cooling it down from the ambient air then it could get ridiculously cold. There have, unfortunately, been quite a few deaths from this in Russia in particular. Be sure that you test temperatures before actually sitting down to enjoy drinks sitting on your outdoor bar stools. This is an important consideration for restaurant patio furniture.

So that’s the first part. You will need durable stools themselves or a somewhat enclosed overhang like you would find at a ski lodge as well. Many of these combine the two to create an absolutely excellent setup for your outdoor furniture. There are many ways to do this from overhangs to an outdoor heated tent. Many bars of this type like to use tents because they are durable, easy to setup and quite warm with proper heating devices.

Another lesson it teaches us is to buy outdoor furniture for the elements. This may mean that you are in an extremely hot place that needs seats which can withstand the burn. Or it may be cold, snowy and moist like in the previous examples. Make sure not to buy any that absorb the elements too much or it could really cause some serious problems for you all around.

This advice also works well for the occasional extreme weather. You could throw a snow party for that unexpected storm, as long as everyone lives nearby. It’s up to you to decorate your bar the way that you want to and stock it properly. Choose the style that suits you.


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