Outdoor Bar Lessons from New York

The Cannibal in NYCWhen looking at the outdoor bar furniture style New York is one of the best places that you could possibly examine. With some incredibly stylish locations that rank in along the best in the world there is a lot to be learned from this. So hopefully we will learn something from all this in just a bit. Mostly we’re going to bring you practical examples and point out what you can learn from them all around. It should be an enlightening experience.

First let us take a look at the Battery Harris. They combine an incredible selection of wines and beers with some unique furniture. You can even buy off of their jerk menu, which we assume both serves jerked items and is for jerks. There is no rhyme or reason behind the décor of this one. They have palm trees with lounge chairs a few feet away from wood burning stoves. It is perhaps the fact that their outdoor restaurant furniture is so scattered that gives it a charm. It’s hard to make something like that work for everyone but it can if your pieces are truly interesting. What is perhaps most thrilling is that they theme the food and drink specials to the weather and décor. Something truly amazing that some of us should try.

The Hot Bird is literally a former auto body shop turned into a bar with some amazing beers. They have a large first pit in the middle of a vast patio which is always a favorite for any outdoor furniture enthusiast. Fire pits are extremely useful for social settings and they used theirs to the best effect. Suitable for adults only though, you don’t want a child wandering too close to one. But adults need their places too, of course. Their outside lounge furniture is also amazing.

The Cannibal has a very interesting name that denotes some meat eating all around. What stands out about it is the jungle setting that they have their outdoor furniture under. The pieces are literally put under a leaf canopy with vines all around you. It’s like you’re really having a fine dining experience within the jungle and is amazing in its own right. What should you learn from that? If possible surround your setting completely with nature. It can lead to some additional maintenance that you have to do down the line but that doesn’t really matter with the sheer amount of style you will be adding with it.

The Boat Basin is a beach themed setting with sand everywhere and at tiki lounge. You can enjoy the views because it also happens to be near an amazing skyline. This just goes to show that you can create a really cool theme even if you aren’t near an area like the beach. You could do the same yourself if you decide to import quite a few materials to your own outdoor setting.

These lessons are especially important for restaurateurs. You need to stand out yourself to make it in the industry today and those are a few ways to do so.



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