Furniture that Moves with a Beat

Backyard Concert ExampleMusic is an important part of most parties in this modern age. Outdoor furniture that works with music is important. Everything from having a large enough area for whatever music you have to setting up your colors to a theme are both extremely important.

Size is always a consideration with music. Both the size of your pieces and of the area as well. If you have a table it needs to be large enough to fit whatever stereo, turntable or other device you are using. There are of course smaller things like the iPod boosters that some people use. A large table in a side area is the most popular choice for things like this. That is because you want a focal point that is on the side so that it doesn’t get in the way of people dancing and enjoying themselves. It is no accident that so many clubs use this model.

Setting this up for an outdoor furniture space offers a special set of benefits and challenges. First you usually have to consider acoustics because you are likely not going to have an enclosed area that the sound can reverberate in. The sound is going to be launching one way, hitting the guests, then trailing off into the neighborhood. You also don’t want to have a noise complaint so you have to plan this carefully. You can use some larger pieces to catch some of the sound if you put them parallel to the source of the music. That can help reflect it some over time.

The type of music your people will be listening to also matters quite a bit. Do they like loud, raucous rock or rap songs for a lively party? Make sure that they have the space for it and you may even want to get a live band or DJ. You may even want some sort of stage if you go all out. Others may prefer as subdued party with light music and easy listening. A simple stereo would suffice here, perhaps with an additional table for food and drinks. People love to snack while talking.

The cost for these various pieces of outdoor furniture varies widely. You may spend a huge amount on a DJ area or a small one on a few casual tables. Just be sure to make a checklist of what you need when you are shopping in order to make sure everything comes out correctly.

For those who really want to go the extra mile you could always theme your pieces for a group of musical artists. Of course you may be crossing the line into tacky at that point but it is a thought.

Regardless of what you decide make sure to get feedback from your guests on everything from the décor to the music. None of this deep thought on the subject matters unless it works for them. People can be too nice though so try to find an honest opinion somewhere that you can take into account.




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