Learning from the Graffiti Bar

Graffiti Bar Example The graffiti bar is in incredibly popular outdoor bar in Philadelphia with a unique style. As the name says graffiti covers the tables and the whole area. Overstated is the word because they have a variety of furniture that is full of color, life and energy. It’s a very different take on the more conventional settings that many bars have and something you may want to use with your own decorating.

The main demographic that this style appeals to is youth. College age kids who have just met the drinking age and are out to party in a big way. Pieces that look like they are ready to party are very important to them, at least in the back of their minds. That is why the Sampan Graffiti bar is covered in what else, colorful graffiti across their chairs and walls. Wherever you look the place is a feast for the sense.

Another important aspect is that their outdoor furniture is not the only part that inflames the senses. From the drink selection to the overall atmosphere everything is lively and pumped up for the crowd. You can’t look in a direction without seeing someone having a good time. In the back of the minds of people this all feeds into the good time and convinces them that they’re having an even better time than they previously thought.

What is equally amazing is that they can also use their indoor furniture outside because they have a clear enclosure up above that lets the full sunlight in while protecting them from the elements. This is something that very few places have but it’s an amazing example of our modern technology at work. If you have enough money to create a similar atmosphere it could be amazing. Unfortunately it’s beyond the reach of most homeowners but could be something that a restaurant owner wants to invest in over time.

Heat lamps and candles accentuate the heated, lively atmosphere that the bar usually plays host to. When things get too hot they turn on some nearby air conditioning that works well with the enclosed top. You could learn a lesson there by using the exact same things for your own setting.

Perhaps an equally interesting aspect of this is that it is on the back of the Sampan restaurant so you can get their classy and delicious dishes from the same kitchen. They are one entity after all with one side catering to those with top shelf tastes who want to pay a premium for gourmet food, and the other side having a constant party that people can enjoy on their off days. These contrasting styles also complement each other and keep the clientele from getting bored with one side or the other.

So the main thing to take from this is to not be afraid to go crazy and over the top. It can work if your outdoor setting has that same lively atmosphere for those that you care about. It’s up to you how to decorate it.



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