Ideas from a Bar in a Boat (The Frying Pan)

Frying Pan Boat Bar ExampleThe richest among us love to have outdoor furniture set on a boat. However there are also restaurants that take advantage of venues like this. The Frying Pan is a location that hosts parties for those who want a very different experience than they are used to. Many things can be learned from looking at this example in particular.

The Frying Pan is a bar where you can enjoy many drinks on the dock while looking out over the waterfront. Many customers buy a bucket of beer while playing a card game. They also charge a premium for other events with the view as well. All of this adds up to big money for the people running it as the beauty of the outdoor view lets them move their priced up above the norm. If you run your own establishment this is something to keep in mind.

For those looking for home outdoor furniture there are lessons to be learned as well. You need comfortable seating and spacious tables to accommodate both drinks and tabletop games for people. While many people may look down on gatherings like this the truth is that they can be great fun. Capturing that same element of fun is something that any good host or hostess is looking for from their own event.

The ship is also a real decommissioned ship with everything that entails. That means at times it rocks on especially large waves which gives it a unique feeling all its own. As such it needs some very secure outdoor patio furniture on the deck near the top. This teaches us two lessons, even if you have an unusual location for your design security and stability matters. Do not be afraid to push the envelope and decorate where people would not normally expect you to. Sometimes standing out can improve your entire setting.

For those with some extra money you may want to create the same atmosphere on a house boat. Special outdoor furniture that is quite a bit heavier than normal and has weatherproof materials can be used to create this in your own way. Of course in the same way your friends will have to deal with the waves and motion, but for some that is part of the fun of such an event as well.

Part of the charm is the spacious area that adds to the variety of the setting. Guests can wander through the various decommissioned rooms while relaxing with a brew. Exploring new areas with interesting people has a special appeal to itself. If you have a spacious outdoor area or even garden you could bring that same atmosphere to your own party. Some people even have a massive area of land to go over as well.

Music is another big part of this bar with speakers all over for people to enjoy the party with. Bring the same atmosphere to your own unconventional party and it will improve the overall atmosphere brought by your outdoor furniture pieces.


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