Creating a Cocktail Party at your Home

Cocktail Party Lounge The cocktail party has long been a big event for socialites. Of course in the modern day we have it much more commonly in our neighborhoods. So how do you set everything up for one with your outdoor furniture? There are quite a few pieces you can add in order to make everything better.

When planning the theme you want to make sure that nothing is too serious. You want a light, whimsical and somewhat classy setting that people can relax in. When choosing that you will want to go with classical, modern or overstated pieces. Why? Because you will either be having a party atmosphere or a casual upper-class atmosphere for your own design. Those are the ones that create the style you need.

Food is another thing to consider aside from your outdoor furniture itself. You may have a buffet table or a few small hors d’oeuvres. Usually at these affairs you do not want anything too heavy. Why? Because then it becomes a dinner party. While that is certainly another fun social event it does not have the theme or atmosphere that you would want.

As you might imagine a bar might be the perfect addition. Of course setting one up can be quite expensive. If you have a long table or other suitably long and flat setting then you may be able to create a makeshift one for a few friends. Of course if you want to have a massive party you will need a real one and the associated shelving for the drinks themselves.

Another question is whether to waterproof or not to waterproof. While it should not be your first consideration it is something to keep in mind if you want to have pieces which stay outside. Some of the more delicate pieces you have can also be wheeled in and out depending on the weather and the atmosphere of your party.

One major point that people overlook is inviting noteworthy people. While it is unlikely that you can get a big celebrity like they do in Hollywood, you could have a local celebrity come by to enjoy your outdoor furniture setup. It is something to consider.

Lighting is another important part to consider when choosing outdoor furniture. Will you be having a day or night party? Sunlight may be all you need, with a bit of shade for those who get too hot. Or you may have small dimmable lights that give a subtle look to your outdoor setting. It just depends on what you want out of your party.

Music is something else to consider. You should have it be as lively or as toned down as you think the meeting warrants. Ask your friends what they would like to see out of it to get some ideas of how you should be setting everything up for a good time. After all the atmosphere is made mostly by how people act and feel when they get there. Make sure they feel great at your event.




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