Lessons from the Elevation Hotel and Spa

Elevation Hotel CondosWhen you go to a ski resort you do not usually think of a bar, or spa. However the Elevation hotel and resort combines all those aspects into one. They even have an outdoor bar on the side of the mountain. We have certainly talked about establishments like this before but not one that combines so much stylish outdoor furniture with an interesting locale. There are many different things to learn from this setup as well.

As you might expect it has a fire pit outside with a fully stocked bar and restaurant staff. Having access to food and drink right off the slope is a huge bonus for people. Adding those same things to your own home can be a great way to make sure everything is more fun. Guests love a good selection of drinks at the very least and it is something that you can offer them with a bit of work.

Their hotel/spa features indoor fireplaces with LCD televisions. It allows guests to warm up in front of a warm fire in a warm bath. It really relaxes everyone and gives them an even better experience after their drinks. On that note you can apply the same thing to your own design. If it is unusually hot or cold for people in your normal client then you want to put the other extreme nearby. Have a cooling pool or even a fire pit of your own to heat people up. It adds a bit of excitement to your outdoor furniture and can really make your setting stand out.

How would you apply these lessons to your own outdoor furniture design? First you should make sure that each of your pieces accents the overall theme. They have colors and designs that fit with the winter style in the area. Not everyone can have a spa but having a side area to warm up or cool down in is really great. This could be anything from a small area with a heater to an air conditioned sector outcropping on the house. There is no wrong way to add that on as long as it stands out and makes people notice a very small section of your home.

Having games or other diversions on the side is also important. The skiing is a big reason people have such a good time. Even if you do not have anything quite that amusing to accentuate your outdoor furniture you should consider what variety you can add for people. It could be something as simple as a chessboard or Wi-Fi in your home that gives people another diversion for your setting.

Natural beauty is the last piece of the puzzle. The rooms offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountain scenery that can be absolutely breathtaking. If you have the same natural scenery or just an exquisitely set up garden then make sure your furniture is set up so people can enjoy it. It can make your entire setting as beautiful as our previously mentioned example.



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