Lessons from the 230 and Fifth

230 and Fifth Outdoor SphereOften known by their shorter name, 230 FIFTH this new hotspot on the roof of a massive Manhattan building has an incredible design for their outdoor bar. They bring the best of the indoors and outdoors into one place with a unique bubble device that was originally used for camping. However in this establishment they use them to provide a climate-controlled area that gives you the field of view you have when outside along with the comfort of being inside. If you have the money you could create a similar situation, but you could also do it on a lesser budget by learning some lessons.

Nature is of course incredibly important for the entire setting because they have an outdoor garden alongside their normal bar seating in order to create a different atmosphere. In fact the bar itself is on top of some greenery in one section, which really helps patrons feel at one with nature. This is something rather valuable when you live in a part of Manhattan that is almost all skyline and concrete.

Remember that your outdoor furniture does not always have to be on a solid patio. Some of it can be on the grass or you might even have a side area near or in some trees. All of these can work with your setup to make it refreshing and perhaps even a little bit rustic. This is not your ordinary restaurant patio furniture.

As we mentioned earlier they have some domes that are clear but hold warmth in on one section. These are quite expensive but you can buy them from Europe. If you have the money then you could look into them in order to create a similar space for yourself. However you can achieve a similar effect by having a tent near your bar with some heating or cooling elements. Shelter is really what is important for comfort when you think about it in the most basic terms possible.

Outdoor furniture is just part of the setting as the views from anywhere are also absolutely amazing. They have multiple ways to look out over the skyline and see what the city has to offer from a massive area up top.

That being said the pieces of furniture are all overstated and extremely colorful. Vivid reds, deep purples with light undertones and impressive lighting are all major factors. Why is this? Because just seeing pieces around you looking lively can create energy for people in a big way. You can do the same with your own colors. If you want a raucous party then decorate for it. If you want a subdued affair then do that as well. We have mentioned this before but it is a basic you should not ignore.

There are open-air areas as well but no matter the weather you can find a safe place to drink and gaze out on the city from. That is why they are one of the most famous bars in the world. Try to bring the same thing to your own establishment or home.



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