Lessons from Chains on Outdoor Bars

Olive Garden LogoChains today are renovating their formerly indoor only seating areas and adding outdoor furniture. There are many things that we can take from this and we can even learn from how they are doing it themselves. While you may not apply everything it should at least give you quite a few good ideas on how to handle everything. So come with us as we explore what some of the biggest chains in the world are doing in order to change up their entire setting.

Olive Garden is an excellent example of what is being done. Most of their restaurants were designed entirely with the indoor setting in mind. In fact most of them do not have anything like a patio that people could enjoy the food and wine on. However they are now renovating hundreds of stores to have new patio sections in overhangs and such. They want an area outside where you can enjoy a fine wine, which makes it that much better. Business owners should take note as you may be missing out on pleasing some of your customers.

Many of the establishments in the Carrabba’s Italian Grill chain had an outdoor furniture area to drink in from the start. This is because some European styles of dining are uniquely suited to eating in that area. Many chefs believe that the view can improve the taste of the food and there is quite a bit of evidence to support such an interesting claim. Often when you are happy while eating or drinking it can taste better. Many of us also know that the bitterest alcohol comes when you are feeling down. Attitude determines quite a bit in this area.

Cheeseburger in Paradise offers beers with their casual outdoor atmosphere, although not all their establishments have an outside area to drink in. This tells you something you probably already had known, if you have casual friends you do not always need to serve them in a special place. You also may not need to give them the finest wines in the land either. Be sure to set everything up with your guests in mind first. They will almost always notice and appreciate the effort you put in for them in the long run.

Applebee’s has only indoor areas in most of their establishments. It has worked for them so far but it may not work forever and their inflexibility may cause problems for them in the long run. While we cannot be sure of this it seems likely with how the industry is changing in huge ways. From design to décor it is all moving and shaking.

For a business owner this means you should keep your clientele in mind and also consider changing your setting if it is not working. If you are a personal property owner then you may want to suggest a change of scenery for your next party or do some remodeling. You know better than we do what your loved ones or clientele want so tell us about it.



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