Understanding Business Bar Patio Regulations

Casual Beverage BarWhen setting up any bar with outdoor furniture you have a lot of things to consider. Ordnances and restrictions vary widely from country to country and state to state. Keeping track of them can be very confusing so we want to give you a general rundown. Hopefully things can become a little bit simpler for you when you have a general idea.

Just serving alcohol on your patio may put you in some trouble. This of course wouldn’t matter for a health juice or coffee bar, but a more traditional bar would have some problems. Make sure that your area is zoned for it because many areas zoned for one thing may not be zoned for another. Also you may need additional permits for alcohol in certain areas as well.

Choosing outdoor furniture to fit with this may vary from area to area as well. In some places a keg may be acceptable or you may need to bring it out from indoors when people want it. In either case your local city will probably have some guidelines for you on this as well.

European countries tend to have more relaxed laws on this in general. After all they didn’t have universal prohibition across all of Europe. Many countries also have more liberal views on the law which leads to this. In many places you will not have to go to extra effort but it is worth checking out. You will at least get a feeling of relief that you do not have to bother with all that in the worst case scenario. It couldn’t hurt to be extra careful about your outdoor furniture.

So what do you do if you find a roadblock to installing some outdoor furniture for a bar in the form of laws? Discuss if they can be bent or changed with your local legislators first. Some of them may be outdated or not relevant and they will probably talk to you about it. Try not to make them mad or you could end up with an insurmountable obstacle. Unless you are willing to resort to bribery they could hold your fate in their hands.

There are also “nuisance” laws just meant to levy fines on you. They are meant to gather money for the government up and there is little that can be done about those. Just make sure you do not step on too many toes when you are breaking a law that does not make sense.

Other than that you should decorate your outside furniture as you normally would. A few areas do have stylistic requirements to follow but those are few and far between. Most governments care little about enforcing them. However if you are working on a bar for your home they can be a really big problem. Home owners associations have serious power to take away your home if you break their regulations in a big way. Keep that in mind before you decide to ignore their orders. There is little you can do there as well so make your own decisions in that area.


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