Outdoor Appeal and the Heat Hotel

Heat Hotel of London ImageThe Heat Hotel in Britain is a hotel that prides itself on their outdoor furniture and other accommodations much more than anything on the inside. This is not to say that the inside area is not impeccable but in this case we are going to look at their luxury settings. It may help you figure out how you would create your own high-end luxury setup for yourself. Of course it couldn’t hurt to actually stay at an establishment like this as well if you have the time and money.

One thing that most guests immediately notice is that part of the hotel is underneath a scenic bridge. This natural beauty near the river means that it was obvious to put a lot of emphasis on the outdoor areas. They did not stop there though and brought an amazing setting all the way through.

One unusual aspect of their outdoor furniture is that they have interesting fountains all around. Both ones that pour for scenic beauty and even one that the guests can play in. You may have seen some like the one that cools off the customers in some big cities. It shoots a major gust of water out of the ground which splashes everyone all around.

Another major part of the setting is a bar with seating outside overlooking the bridge area. They call it, unsurprisingly, the Heat Bar. While you do not always think of the UK when you think heat it can get more than a bit warm on some days. Therefore it’s only natural that guests have something nice to drink while they are relaxing.

Water is of course both an important part of any establishment like this. They have a variety of loungers and other outdoor furniture along the waterfront. They even have a small beach and swimming area for people there, in addition to various pools and fountains. Water can be a vital element of any decorating scheme so keep it in mind. Also just about everyone enjoys the water at some point.

So perhaps you say you have seen it all before with other establishments. You probably have, yes, in one form or another. But it is the fact that they offer so much in one package that keeps people coming back to them. A scenic view with multiple ways to relax. They even offer waterskiing at some establishments. There are often regular parties. What sets them apart is they are always making sure that patrons have a good time in one way or another.

This holds true for you whether you are entertaining people at home or trying to create a similarly impressive business of your own. Make sure that people are enjoying themselves at all times. Give them multiple choices and new experiences the next time that they come by. This is something that we can all learn from and put into practice with our own decoration. We are all on a budget though that is not quite as high as this so find your own way to set up a great time.

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