Creating a Bar on the Side of your House

Bar at the HousesideOne of the easiest ways to set up an outdoor bar is to have it on the side of your house. Some houses have a setup already in for things like this. However you can easily change things if that is not something your house came with. In many ways this is not different than any other style you would imagine. It’s just the best way to make things look natural when you are setting up your furniture and other pieces. So come explore a style that is a little easier and a bit more natural than usual.

So first things first, does your house have a small alcove or overhang? If the answer is yes then all you need to do is furnish it with a countertop and some chairs to have your own bar on the side of the house. You can also keep the drinks out of the weather with a bit of an overhang. In this case there isn’t much for us to tell you to do because you already have everything set up. Just start picking out the right items for it and finding the right drinks.

What if your house does not have something like this? Then creating an outdoor bar and selecting the furniture for it can be a bit more complicated. You may have to saw, install or otherwise modify a wall. You may need to put in an overhang that was not previously there so that people can have some shelter while drinking. Or you may have a home that cannot handle much modification and will need to use some other method.

Once you have determined how much work is needed you then need to figure out whether to do it yourself or hire someone to work on it. Either method can be great as long as you have the money or know-how to do one.

If you run a business then this is a bit different but it has the same principles. You can create a slightly outside bar with a shelter for your outdoor furniture pieces. While not the main focus of this article it is something to keep in mind when you are decorating.

Another way to do this is to use a more traditional shed and hollow it out or move pieces around until it fits with a bar atmosphere. That can really simplify things and save you a lot of time. A gazebo could also work in this sort of setting as well. If you do it this way then you will probably have quite a bit less work to do on the home or business itself. That is always something handy for outside restaurant furniture.

Finally you should consider whether this style works for you. If you have a beautiful home and want an additional decoration for it then it may work. But if your structures are pretty well set in stone, so to speak, then this may be a mistake. Weight your options and decide whether a remodel works.


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