The “Brew Pub” Style of Outdoor Bar

Sample Brew PubOne very interesting style is very popular with many bar owners and restaurant owners. The brew pub is in this style and lends a different sort of atmosphere than you would expect. Today we are going to go over what this style is in case you would like to set it up slightly outside of your home. A big part of this blog is going to be exploring styles so that you can have a better idea of what to choose. We want to help you set things up to have that same distinct theme.

Many of us are not familiar with what a brew pub actually is. In short it’s a traditional pub that offers a very non-traditional serving of “brews”. The most successful ones have a strange atmosphere of “beer connoisseurs” who come to them to both enjoy a hearty drink and try something they have not before. They also have a huge selection of brews from all over the world. This could be anything from 30 to around 200 different brews depending on the level of the location.

Choosing outdoor furniture for an establishment like this is much the same as any traditional setup. You will want a few bar stools somewhere and probably some nice patio furniture as well. You do not need any huge breakthrough in design to get it working. It is more about the drinks and camaraderie than anything else.  It’s also a great style for restaurant patio furniture.

While the two are not always one and the same many microbreweries are also brew pubs, not all of them are. The reason for this is because many of them want to sell their own in-house drinks to both get a reputation and make more money. If they can create a reputation then they can send more out and make bigger sales as well. It is all about improving in the industry.

That being said some people do not really feel at-ease in an establishment like this. You want to make sure your friends or customers enjoy the atmosphere. Why is this? Because they rarely serve the local lagers that everyone is used to. You won’t usually sit down for a normal Budweiser here. You may settle down for an “Angry Orchard” or some other interesting brew. So some people may feel out of place.

Another reason is that the outdoor furniture and other pieces often have an air of dignified upper-class mentality to them in many areas. They usually look a few cuts above the normal pieces. As such most of the clientele may feel a bit snobbish when they are relaxing talking about the great drinks of the world. It is a strange atmosphere but not totally unenjoyable. After all if the people involved are all on the same page there is no one to get offended. In that case it can lead to a great time and perhaps some new friends.

You would be able to tell best just whether this works for your area or not. Perhaps you already have one nearby that you could take a hint from. It is certainly a “brew” for thought.


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