Creating an Outdoor Cigar Bar

Outdoor Cigar BarPeople have always loved cigars. Often alongside a sunny day and some outdoor furniture. However these days we have a plethora of bars themed for them. There are many reasons why this trend has caught on and still thrives even in an era when smoking is frowned upon. We are going to go over those and talk about why it might be a decent choice for your own business or home if you cater to people who love cigars.

Cigars themselves have an interesting reputation. They cost more and have fewer harmful toxins than cigarettes. They also rarely contain nicotine as the singular appeal of them is that you smoke them sparingly when you really want to enjoy yourself. They have a deep place in the hearts of many countries along with men and women in them. They also create a style so unique that many people will put one in their mouth just to create a look. Few other pieces can boast the same qualifications.

So how would you go about creating your own outdoor furniture setting for a cigar bar? It’s a bit harder than your normal setting for a few reasons. The first one is that your pieces need to be comfortable and resistant to the smoke. This is compounded by the fact that you need it to be able to stand up to some light weather as well. All of these add up to you needing some very unique pieces.

So how would you go about this? You may try to find some that a smoker had used before then treat it to resist the elements. Amusingly enough smoke can help temper wood further and make it stronger if it is exposed for a long enough time. The downside of it is that it starts smelling like smoke. That shouldn’t be a problem if you are just using it for outside lounge furniture.

You do have to be careful with exposing the outdoor furniture to too much smoke. It can actually lead to warping. However the only way that would happen is if you were to do it for somewhere around 15 years. That would cause some real problems so maintain and replace it regularly.

Having a shelter to keep your guests out of the rain is also useful. Just make sure that it can resist the smoke damage which could be caused if your experiment proves successful.

While you could do this in your own home the place it really shines is with outdoor smoking and restaurants. Most people are still okay with designated smoking areas and many people are just fine with using them as long as they can still relax at a place they want. They will pay huge amounts for this luxury in an era when so many people all over the world are mad that people are smoking. By catering to them exclusively you can create a dedicated fan base for your own bar or restaurant that no one can match.

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