Why People Love and Hate the “Dive” Style

SF Dive BarThe “Dive” style has both been loved and hated by people for quite a long time. While we don’t suggest you run out and try to make one on your patio it isn’t a terrible source of ideas. Both the style of outdoor furniture that you could create with it and the feelings that it stirs in some people could both work to your advantage. So today we are going to stop for a minute and look at what you can learn from this particular style of bar.

The first thing to go over about this style is that it has a bad reputation with some people. It can be anything from a home-style bar with friendly patrons like Cheers to a run-down dive like Moe’s on the Simpsons. All of these stereotypes are based on real bars that people have been to for better or worse. So the definition of this is a bit up in the air, it could be a name for a really fun place or a terrible depressing one.

So what outdoor furniture would you go for if you were looking to create a comfortable “dive” atmosphere with your bar? You would obviously look for pieces which would fit into someone’s home. Perhaps some well-worn chairs that were still cared for nicely but still look good. A few tables and countertops that show they have been used but are not heavily damaged. Things that show people have used them but not too much.

Of course you can go too far with this style of outdoor furniture and even indoor pieces. The reason the worst “dive bars” get that reputation is both due to the clientele and condition. The furniture may be damaged and show scratches or chips. The people there are usually down on their luck and drinking their troubles away. Overall it creates a very unfortunate atmosphere you want to avoid.

The best ones however create a lively atmosphere that patrons love. Indeed there are many people who would rather go to their local bar in this style than any of the ultramodern ones that so many other people love to frequent. For that reason there is a singular appeal to it that you cannot buy with money and you can only explain if you have been to one of this type yourself.

Creating this style has more than outside restaurant furniture to consider. How you treat your guests is an important part. Be talkative and encourage conversation. Try to not make things look too rich or stuck up because that makes it seem like you are dealing with the wrong people. Go with the cheaper brews and the cheaper settings but show you put a lot of work into it. This applies equally whether you are serving in your house or your business. When you go with this style you are attempting to create something that doesn’t happen naturally: charm. There are lots of reasons why that is very valuable for you to create.

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