Choosing and Installing a “Kegerator”

Kegerator ExampleYou have certainly heard of a normal refrigerator unless you live in some third world country. However a new device known as a “Kegerator” is becoming popular in many outdoor bar furniture settings. Would this work for your own installation? We think that it might. We’re going to go over how it differs from your other options and why it lends a singular style to any setting. You are the one to decide whether the positive points work for you.

So in what way does a Kegerator differ from a normal fridge? There are a few key differences. For one they often incorporate a CO2 tank in order to keep the beer cold and bubbling. Anyone how has appreciated a quality brew knows that this is a vital part. They often also have a tap or other dispensing device on top as well. This is all put together with regulators, couplers, and refrigeration along with drip trays. Basically it’s an ideal setting put together just to keep your drinks in great condition.

Making your own Kegerator to go with your own outdoor bar furniture can be a really cool project if you have the time. You’ll need a few parts such as an old fridge, tap and a way to get the CO2 into the setup later on. You will also need some dials and indicators for temperature and other parts. You will need to drill holes in the fridge for the wires along with the taps. Then connect all those to the keg itself. Once it is done you can tap the whole setting and make sure it is all running right. This can take a bit of time but you can find an online kit in order to make it easier for you.

That being said there are many commercial editions of these for a few hundred dollars if you cannot spend that much time on it. They of course come with a wide variety of differences as you would expect. Be sure to inspect them as well as you would any other piece of outdoor furniture.

While these are quite sturdy you should create some form of shelter for them. You want to keep such a neat piece safe from both the elements and those who would dearly like to grab it and pawn it off. It may be best to roll it out for a party then roll it back in a bit later. That can be a bit difficult if you drink too much so try to keep it in moderation.

Installing the piece itself shouldn’t be very difficult. Just make sure your bar has space inside and a slot for the tap. Other than that just fit it in.

The appeal of this set up is obvious because it lets you and your friends get cool and fresh drinks from a small piece of outdoor furniture. It’s a great focal point for parties and can really become the best solution for those who want an easy way to fire up an extravaganza. For a home bar it’s also an essential piece since it can keep the drinks you love chilled for such a large amount of time.


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