Choosing an Outdoor Ice Maker

Outdoor Ice Maker ExampleAn essential part of the best outdoor bar setups is an ice maker. Sure you probably have one in the house but it’s just more stylish to have one as part of your outdoor furniture. So how do you go about selecting these? In many of the same ways as you would select your other pieces. We will be running down the types and options you have though so that you can get the big picture of everything. Hopefully you will find the perfect one for you once we are done here.

Operating it outdoors is one major consideration you have to think about. They are built to be quite sturdy and can even stand up to the elements fairly well. The real problem is when rain water drips into the ice. If you do not have one that can be sealed tight, which is most of them, then you need to have an overhang or other storage. Otherwise you could get rainwater in your clean ice and that would be a serious problem.

Capacity is a major thing to consider when picking this large piece of outdoor furniture. In this area it’s quite clear that size matters. However if you do not need huge capacity then go with a smaller model. Most of the ones on the market are in the mid to large size. So finding a smaller one can be somewhat difficult but that is fine. It is no less important than your other Patio Furniture.

The size of the chunks also matters quite a bit. While the normal cubes are good for the casual user an experienced bartender will want ones that are much larger. If you are an experienced bartender you know why, it’s to carve the ice you will be putting in the drinks themselves. You need a decent chunk in order to carve the perfect piece which can make or break any drink.

The outdoor furniture placement itself matters quite a bit too. Make sure that you have space around the bar both for this and for any seating which you have arranged. You do not want to get into cramped quarters as well. That can really wreck any sort of party if your guests are bumping into you as well.

You may also need some chemicals so be sure to factor them into the budget. It could make it with just some water and the normal cold but a few use Freon or even CO2 in order to get everything running correctly. There are many different models that do it in lots of ways. Be sure to choose the one that fits the best with your own setting.

Style is perhaps the last consideration. Most of them come in one color, shiny metal, but a few may have a black finish or other addition. The best way to handle that though is to put the decorations on this outdoor furniture yourself. It will save you money and should not take you very much time in order to do it all. So put some elbow grease on it.


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