Creating an Outdoor Hors d’oeuvre Cooking Area with a Fire Pit

Fire Pit Hors d'oeuvre ExampleEveryone loves eating hors d’oeuvres but something that could add style to your outdoor bar furniture is to have a place to prepare them. We’re going to go over one option for you here which is the fire pit. There are many different ways to set this up as well but we want to focus on this today. There is no doubt that you can get a serious addition to your style by having a place to cook when you are serving your drinks. There are considerations of course when you are setting it up.

Before you get started on all this make sure that your area is ready for it. If you have anything that is very easily flammable then keep it away from the cooking area. This should rarely be a problem as most pieces that are durable on the patio will also be durable to the stray spark that shoots up here and there. It should not usually be a problem but be sure to check and see if there are any unusual pieces you have in your setting.

Serving and dining areas are other important parts of this outdoor furniture setup. You may have a large table all of you can sit around or you can segment it into various pieces so that your guests can move around. Make sure that everyone is comfortable in each area. Also at least one area needs to be set up so that people can comfortably set everything up correctly. Fire Pit Tables are a great place to relax at in this way.

Your equipment itself is something else to consider. Make sure you have trays and various spits for meat, etc. You may want to invest in a storage area for these as well to insure that they remain in perfect condition. After all that is probably at least some small part of any cooking exhibition. If you can flash some stylish stainless steel serving knives and forks then you are well on the way to impressing guests.

Safety is important as well when you get around to cooking. You don’t want to spill any hot liquids on guests or even your outdoor furniture. This could be anything from some dripping blood on a well-cooked steak to oils you use to flare up the performance. A bit of danger though can be surprisingly exciting for many of us. Creating the atmosphere of hibachi cooking can also work.

Another factor to consider is wind. It can cause flames to get a bit out of hand when it picks up too much.

Cooking temperatures are also important. Make sure that you get one with a variable flame for your bar area. You’ll probably need to turn it up and down depending on what you are cooking. You may also want to cut it down if the guests have had a bit too much to drink. No one wants to have an accident with flammable alcohol. That would particularly put a damper on the festivities. So stay safe and have fun planning your own gathering.


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