Stealth Bar Pieces

Globe BarNothing is more interesting at a party than a surprise. There are many different pieces of outdoor furniture that transform into other ones. We’re going to go over a few examples today that may give you some ideas of your own. While you can buy many of them on the open market if you have the skills to make them yourself they can become incredible conversation pieces in that way as well. So come explore some interesting and very different pieces to put near your bar.

When we’re talking about stealth we’re talking about a piece that looks like one thing then turns into another. This might be a mini-fridge that folds out into a wine bar. It could be a sofa with hidden drink holders which fold or telescope out of a seemingly normal arm rest. Anything that can surprise guests falls into this area.

Outdoor Furniture that hides things inside is fairly easy to find. You can have everything from a globe that folds out into a small drink shelf to a sofa which turns into a full counter bar. These pieces are all over the market from places around the world. The only catch is that many of these are custom crafted as well as unique. This drives the price up and you will have to balance that with the value they give you.

Modular furniture can be a form of this if it folds into a completely different piece. It can give guests a feel that you are very hip and modern which helps you out in the long run. It is both useful and allows you to impress guests in more ways than one.

Choosing your patio bar pieces in this manner should also rely on how much shelter you can give them. Many of these are very durable and can handle an extended stay outside. Unfortunately others can be prone to rust if they do not have constant shelter so keep that in mind as well. Be sure to check just how durable it is before you decide on one.

When deciding on the one you want you should let your imagination run wild. Maybe you want a table that is a chair and a sofa. Perhaps you want a bar to telescope out of a cabinet or table. Maybe even some electrical switches and platforms could be involved so that you can stylishly press a button. Whether you do it yourself or get a custom designer to do it for you all of these options are available.

Ask for feedback from your friends or clients as well. We’ve mentioned this rule a lot but it holds true in nearly every situation. They may have some ideas or some of them may even be able to create a piece for you. You never know just how many opportunities are there for you just outside of your field of vision until you start looking for them in a significant way. Good luck with your own surprising designs.






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