Creating the Family Bar Atmosphere

Large Bar Family Style One style which is extremely popular in restaurants today is the family bar. These have a relaxed, safe atmosphere but still serve some light drinks for those wanting to relax. The idea is to keep everyone very happy in a casual atmosphere so that you don’t have to be stressed out after a hard work week. It’s a nice sort of setting to create in your own home if possible so we are going to help you do that shortly.

As always you should have fun when first planning for this style. Do you want to go with a home style atmosphere or a sports bar style? Either one can have a family feel to it depending on how you set it up. Ask your family what they would like to see and get comments on pieces friends have used for their own setting.

Conversely you can create an atmosphere that feels too much like a wine or sports bar with some outdoor furniture. Try not to have chillers and other things that create a setting like that. Go with casual pieces that are comfortable to sit on. Make sure the kids have some pieces of their own to hang out around because they will want to be in on the fun too. There are juice bars after all.

Making it not quite as hokey as some family bars is important too. While you may have a birthday party for someone try not to have everyone sing a song for them when they didn’t ask for it. Likewise you probably won’t need to wear silly outfits unless you are literally having a kid’s party. Things should usually be a bit more subdued.

What you drink while lounging back on your outdoor furniture is really important as well. Get some normal beers and maybe even a bit of juice or milk for the kids. Keep it calm and casual, no $400 bottles of wine for that. You probably have enough places wherever you live that try to create a setting like that.

As with so many other styles you probably will want a serving countertop made from real wood. You can of course paint it however you want and embellish it with designs. A flat color can also work as well if the wood already has an excellent grain to show off.

As we mentioned earlier children are another big part of creating any family furniture atmosphere. Get a little table for them or even build a smaller bar for them to sip some juice at. It’ll make them happy and lend to the fun atmosphere of the setting you are trying to create.

Once it’s all finished you should invite some family, maybe even extended family, to try it out and see if it feels right. After all it’s just in the minds of those you love whether you have done a great job or not. Let them be the final judge of the effort you put in to this project.

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