Fremont Street’s Unusual Outdoor Bar Situation

Fremont Street Bar ExampleFremont Street in Las Vegas is in an unusual situation. Due to some disruptions in the area they are having trouble with operating as they did. Choosing great outdoor furniture is the least of their worries in this case. However we can learn from their mistakes as business owners and compare it to our own situations. Hopefully we can all learn something from what has happened with them when we are serving our own patrons or valued friends.

So why is it unusual? In a city where vice once ruled all city officials have grown tired of it. Now showbiz and splendor rule everything and it’s the image that they want to give people. Therefore officials have been curtailing the activities of some of the local casinos who set up mini-bars on the sides of some establishments there. Patrons had for years enjoyed a few drinks and occasionally gotten a bit too rowdy in the areas there.

Why it’s so interesting for those who buy outdoor bar furniture is because it shows have conflict over money and manners can bring problems for any business like this. In both how they look and how they are run many of these were more “outside” than any other location in Las Vegas. It was perhaps because of this nature that they drew the public eye when a patron was rowdy. The one advantage indoor ones have is that when something bad happens there it can usually be covered up shortly.

Now the entire feud has started some massive court cases and arguments over the definition of a bar. The city wants to curtail any future incidents by ranging in these businesses. It is made even more complicated by the casinos and other establishments fighting back saying it impinges on their business freedom. Even worse the scenario is more complicated because the family-friendly businesses in the area want the rowdy behavior curtailed. At the very least it’ll spare your Patio Furniture.

You are probably asking “what does this matter to me if I am just shopping for some outdoor furniture?” if you run a business or even have some troublesome friends in your personal life then they can draw some very unwanted attention to whatever you are doing in this area. Make sure that they understand what is expected of them when they are relaxing with a nice beer. If they can’t deal with that then perhaps they need to find somewhere else to hang out. It might not be fun but it is true.

You do always want to stop problems like this before they start but sometimes you can’t. Sometimes things go wrong and you just have to deal with it. Try to be pleasant with authorities because when deciding whether to allow or disallow the serving of alcohol it is usually a popularity contest. Anyone can cite a huge number of reasons that any establishment should be closed. What matters is whether those on whatever committee or ruling body you deal with believe they are valid or not. Manners have a lot to do with that decision.




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