How the Kerry Hotel Mixes a Modern Bar with Modern Everything Else

Kerry Hotel StatueThe Kerry Hotel Shangri-La in Shanghai is not the usual hotel you would expect to see. They have brought hyper-modern conveniences to everything from their outdoor furniture to child care. Perhaps you want to bring the same impressively modern style to your own setting. So we are going to discuss how they did it and the added touches that really amaze everyone who comes.

One major thing they have there is a micro-brewery. You can get one of their unique ales that is obviously only brewed there to relax on. You can also get it served while eating at their restaurant branch (The Meat). This is the first spot of attention to detail that really makes the setup amazing for people there. All of these are served up with additional nice touches like Fire Pit Tables.

Their outdoor furniture is also chosen for comfort and reliability in a variety of ways. It’s all set up so that you will get the peak amount of comfort and they won’t have to replace it for some time. This applies to every section from the patio to the inner areas. This attention to quality and detail is one of the many things that makes them so popular.

Something you want to bring to any establishment or home is to have a variety of different options when serving guests or entertaining friends. Let us take a look at what the Kerry Hotel does for this: First they have the largest gym in Shanghai with nearly every sort of training facility possible including a huge pool and even a jogging track. Next they have a massive three-story kid’s playground with full slides and equipment. They also do not charge much for these as the services are free or around $9 a day.

They also have the various computer systems for booking and ordering room service you would expect. Wi-Fi and other normal services are things you can enjoy on outdoor patio furniture with a nice drink. The basics are something that they do not neglect even while they are doing all of these advanced things.

All of these setups are on display as well. They show some of the brewing process at the bar in order to draw people in. The bubbling liquids are enough to make anyone want a drink when they walk by. Presentation is vital even if you have the best of everything. If people do not think that you have the best of everything then you might as well have the worst of everything. Not something you want to happen with your own clients or guests at an event.

So in practical terms what does all this attention to detail and expensive bar furniture do for the hotel? Well they have the international success to keep everything paid off and running. People from all over the world come to see this absolutely incredible hotel and bar setup which rivals anything else in the world. If you run a business of your own you should be shooting for rivaling the greatest setups in the world as well.


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