A Word on E-cigarette Limits at Bars

E-cigarette examplesSomething very strange is happening today with outdoor bars and their furniture. Sure everyone has heard about bans on normal smoking but some areas are even banning e-cigarettes. We are personally a bit confused about it but it is something big that is happening. It stands to reason that even these would come under fire after some time. Come with us to find out how this could change things for your next setup as well.

So why has this been happening when these are advertised as the “safe alternative” to normal smokers? Probably because they are annoying to people. There aren’t any serious studies done yet on how harmful they are. However a few people are freaking out that they could be almost as harmful to second hand smokers as normal ones. These are unsubstantiated thus far.

However in this case perception is the law. Los Angeles bars have already have this banned. It’s the law there and may spread to other places. However there is something to be said for the fact that there are a lot of health freaks in that area. They take health concerns to a whole new level. This could spread though if the collective consciousness of America decides that they are bothered enough even by these particular pieces.

So what does this mean for the person home owner? Probably not too much. However it could cause problems with a homeowners association in much the same way normal smoking would. It really depends on where you live and how much power they have over what you do in your home. There really is no simple answer in that area as guidelines vary all over the world.

However for business owners this has some significant ramifications. If your city passes one of these you’ll no longer have patrons sitting on your Outdoor Bar Stools and enjoying a relaxing drag. You’ll have the same problem you would if they were smoking a normal cigarette. Is that a bit ridiculous? Probably but we don’t have much say in it as a lone individual. It’s up to the people who decide on laws.

Nothing might be happening in your immediate area. More studies need to be done on this product as well. What is clear though is that public opinion has shifted. No form of smoking is popular in many areas. People just simply don’t want to have it anymore all over the place. That is unlikely to change in the coming years.

So how should this change your furniture purchases or how you run your business? It shouldn’t until you hear about some legislation in your own city. Really all we are saying is to keep an eye on it if you are responsible for any bar-like setting where people smoke. It’s a huge issue in many parts of the developed world today and the debate over it is not going away anytime soon. Just be prepared for when it actually has an impact on your own personal life.


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