All-in-One Bar Stations

All in One Outdoor Bar ExampleA major trend in outdoor bar furniture is to have an all-in-one bar station where you can make everything needed for a party. These vary from a smaller setup just appropriate for drinks and small favors to huge kitchen settings. While these may be somewhat expensive they are also incredibly useful. Few of us have the skills to create an entire setup like this by ourselves so it’s better to get it at a cost. Otherwise you may never be able to have one.

The complete ones contain a chiller, an ice station and cooking area. The nicest of these have a full grill that can prepare a massive meal for guests if the need arises. You also have smaller variations with a small friend and icemaker. These might have a small frying or grilling area as well to make smaller meals. There are many different manufacturers for each of these so you have many different choices in this area as well.

Outdoor Furniture this large and useful can also be quite expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to a thousand dollars for these. Some of them come in a setting where you can just set them up yourself and others may need some special installation. In either case you should ask your supplier how it is handled when working on it. They should at least have some literature on how to do so.

The obvious advantage of this is that you can have a complete outdoor bar station without needing to go to a lot of trouble. For many of us this can be an absolute godsend as we just do not have the time to put all the parts together. People aren’t made of time and it’s better to spend it relaxing rather than working for huge amounts of time on a project that may or may not be fun for you in the long run.

Many of them also come in a variety of style that can accentuate your other outside furniture. They have nice faux stone or wood finishes to create a very durable setup. This means you can expect them to withstand the elements fairly well. Unfortunately not all of these are made equal so make sure that your supplier guarantees the resistance to elements which you need in order to keep it in good shape. Alternatively you could create an overhang or outdoor room to shelter things from the elements in.

Other than the cost and time it takes to install there is very little reason to not buy one of these. Getting a warranty on such a big purchase might be a good idea though. Such a high-value item can be an incredible target for theft if some people roll into your neighborhood with tools and a truck or van. That is perhaps an unexpected part of the setup as well.

Drinks are just one area in which buying one of these can improve your presentation since you can use real ice with your outdoor bar drinks. That is something worth paying for.




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