Choosing Spill-proof Outdoor Décor

Outdoor Furniture CoverNo one wants to have their outdoor bar furniture ruined by a spill we’ve discussed this several times before. But what about when things go really wrong or even catastrophically wrong? We’ll be discussing pieces to protect against that as well. While you may not end up buying all of these you want to at least consider their value when you are setting everything up. They may pay off more for you than you would ever expect.

There are many different fabrics you can use to protect yourself from dangerous spills. In the modern day we don’t just have a choice of them we also have a way of weaving. Heavyweight weaving techniques make them much more durable than ever before with any sort of material. We have microscope precise weaving machines which can create this. So consider that when you are buying something.

Covers are a way to easily protect your outdoor furniture and still have great style. Even if you spill a particularly dense and staining drink they are often easy to wash. Therefore they can protect a vulnerable leather piece or a vintage wood by absorbing much of the spill. Even if a little gets through it is much better than having it splashed down fully.

Perhaps the most interesting thing today is that you can get covers and other pieces which are flame retardant on top of being spill resistant. While you may not really think about that as something you need the fact remains in a bar setting there are often flammable drinks and sources to ignite them. There has been more than one bar when a small serving fire has gotten out of control. So that is definitely something to consider.

Outdoor Furniture should of course naturally be resistant on some level. You can seal and wax wood to insure this. You can paint metal pieces to guarantee they will last longer. In either case this natural defense should also be combined with other protections to keep them lasting longer. If you do this then you should expect them to stay looking good for years.

Another factor you don’t want to consider but should is smell. Even a casual outside bar at home can attract some rather rank odors depending on how everything is set up. In a worst case scenario things can smell absolutely horrible. If possible try to wash off your pieces, especially cushions, since they can accumulate terrible smells. We hope it doesn’t come up with you but it is always a possibility.

When in doubt and things have really gone downhill you can always replace some of the pieces. However if at all possible you do not want things to get to that level. Carefully maintain your setting and cover up vulnerable items to make sure this doesn’t happen. Otherwise you could end up spending more money than you expected to replace some damaged furniture. If you don’t you might be driving friends or customers away with smelly, uncomfortable items.




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