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Why Drinks Taste Better at Bars

Semi-Fancy DrinksSo when people think drinks taste better at a certain bar, can the furniture and décor be part of it? The science we have seen in the human mind points to yes. If you think a place is nicer or something tastes better it can really change how your mind and body react. It’s a real and concrete thing which scientists have known about for quite some time. So today we’re going to explore the science behind this and what you can do to make people think their food and drinks are better.

The science of actually the psychology of this is very simple. Everything we see, taste and do has an effect on our mind. Our mind also has an effect on it. People who go to a bar and enjoy themselves expect the same later and if it’s as good then they’ll often build it up in their minds. One bad occasion can leave them never wanting to go back ever again. It’s not a rational thing but it is something emotional and very real to all of us.

Even simple Patio Furniture can help add to the taste. If a chair is comfortable and in a color that a customer likes their mind will be at ease. Of course this varies for every single human being so it’s not as simple as just having something that works for everyone. You have to plan around what you think will work and adjust accordingly when people tell you whether it works or not.

Treatment of the people who visit you is also a large factor. Strive for people being treated as they want to be. This doesn’t mean your bar has to be merry sunshine and positivity all the time. That can work for some clients but others want a somewhat mean joke and an attentive ear for them to drown their sorrows with. Depending on who frequents your establishment you should get some idea of which ones are useful over time.

However it isn’t just how they feel at the moment when sipping a margarita on your outdoor furniture. That certainly does matter but you also have to try to help them capture that good feeling in their minds. So that they can think about it later and recommend friends. By doing this you can create an atmosphere that people take with them when they think of you and how you handled your business. The flipside to that is you can also create a bad memory that sticks with them as well.

So can changing your food to a higher quality also help? Yes but only if your people did not really care for the original drinks and food. Those who have tasted a large variety of dishes know that not all “haute” cuisine tastes good. By the same note all “poor” cuisine tastes bad. Make sure not to shoot yourself in the foot by changing a menu which is working. It’s much easier to change a few tables and chairs.


Setting Up a Higher Price for your Bar

High-Class Luxury BarYou can have an amazing staff with great service. You can have a cool décor with the latest outdoor furniture. However if people don’t perceive your work as being valuable you will still not make enough money to keep everything running. So how do you create the idea in the minds of people that you are valuable? There are many different ways to do it and we’ll be discussing a few in both the general and specific. So if you are a frustrated business owner who can’t figure out why things are going bad then this is for you.

While we all get told a fairy tale as children the person who works hardest isn’t always the one who thrives in the end. Sometimes you need to take some shortcuts or try a different approach to get ahead. This is the reason why even some other bars in your area that don’t do as good a job still thrive. They’ve tried something different and convinced people that they are worth more than they actually are. And you need to prove to them that you are worth as much.

Fire Pit Tables can add on to the style and price in many different ways. They can give an additional bit of flair to a cooking arrangement which people will pay for. Remember that value is in the eye of the beholder so as long as they are convinced that you are worth more then you are worth more. Putting on a bit of a show can be a big part of such a setup.

Little details also count in a big way. For example if you are going for a high-class establishment some nice fabric for your tables and curtains probably won’t cost too much. It will however leave people feeling like you spent more time on your wine war. It will give them a feeling that you care and they will take notice of it over time. So start with the small touches at first and move up from there.

Not having old pieces of outdoor furniture or indoor ones either is important as well. That does not mean you cannot actually buy some antiques. They should just not look too old which means they need to have excellent care. Finishes, cleaning and other small touches can keep them from looking worn-out. The last place that people want to go to is one that looks well-used in a bad way.

So once you create this idea of value gradually raise your prices over time. Illustrate positive reviews which show the cost is worth the money. If you phase into it over time your customers will gradually come to accept it if they still feel good. Try to create that same atmosphere in your own work and the money will follow from those who are grateful to you. Just make sure that you have garnered the goodwill needed before you start changing things on people. No one wants to get a backlash.

The Challenges and Benefits of a Fitness Bar Setup

Dallas Fitness BarThis goes out to those who run a very specific business. The fitness bar needs outdoor furniture just as much as any other setting. However customers of such a setting likely have a very specific mindset that you need to take into account. We’ll go over what that is and what types of settings you might want to use for it. You also have to deal with the fact that you don’t have universal appeal to everyone and need to work harder to reach your niche.

The fitness setting is a relatively new selection in the modern day. While we may have had things similar to it before they weren’t really used in this particular way. In older times they were for drinking alcohol with those you care about. However it is a quite popular and lucrative form of business. So if you are thinking of setting one up then it is probably worth the effort.

When selecting Outdoor Furniture for your fitness bar there are many considerations. The first one should be to use earth-friendly materials. While not everyone who likes to work out has considerations in this area many of them do. Many of them are young and hip. They want to look good and also have a hand in saving the earth so that they can stand for something bigger for themselves in the long run. Even if they don’t all feel that way it won’t hurt anything to take that into consideration.

Comfort is a big must when choosing your pieces as well. People need to be able to relax and often recline in the sun so that they can make the most of their tans. Because of this you should have at least a few different pieces which let them relax and have fun. You may even decide to include some pieces which are centered on working out as well. Then they can stay out and still work their bodies into top shape.

The drinks themselves are one of the design choices you have to make. You will obviously want to go with something healthier for your people to sip while lounging back on your outdoor furniture. Teas and juices are very popular choices in this area for reasons which should be quite obvious to you. On that same note you want to make sure that your seating has ample tables and arm room to place drinks on.

So you have a limited audience, how do you make the most of them? Choose pieces that can cater to your whole state and have the media cover them quite a bit. You need to draw people from outside the local area so that you can create the niche base. While you may have a select few people you cater to you can always gather more of them over a large area. Unfortunately many businesses like this fail before they can get started. We hope that you can beat the odds and create a thriving business yourself.




Restaurant Furniture that People will Share Socially

Unique Social Outdoor BarFree promotion comes from having items in your business that everyone is talking about. Even your outdoor furniture can be part of this over time. Different people decide to do this in different ways but the important thing is that you do it. We’ll discuss a few ways to stand out and how you should handle everything. If you do not stand out then you can rest assured that a competitor will and get the free advertising that should rightfully be yours.

So what are some examples of how to do this? One comes from bars in Japan where they literally have robots acting as waiters. They have touch screens for people to order on and make slight sounds for when they are moving and bringing it out. Novelty is a big drawing point when people decide to whip out their smart phones and share for Facebook and Twitter. Keep that in mind when you are deciding on what to buy.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture for your establishment that people will share can be tough to do. It needs to be something that really stands out and makes people take notice no matter who they are. This can be done by making people laugh, cry or even mildly offending them. You should study your clientele to decide which one to go with.

Having a very weird piece of statue work like a dinosaur or other mythical beast is one way people are drawn in. While it may be too tacky for some of you and wouldn’t fit with a high-class restaurant it can be a great choice for a family diner. If you are at a high-class establishment try going with an ice sculpture or glasswork that makes people feel like you have spent a huge amount of money just to keep them happy.

You do not always have to break the bank with your outdoor furniture either. You can go with some oddly shaped pieces from a local designer that have a distinctive look which makes people take notice. You may even want to sacrifice a bit of comfort for one or two of your pieces. Wild colors and crazy setups are must-shares for many people and can add to the word of mouth for your business.

Play areas for children are also quite popular. This is because people love to take pictures of their kids having fun and just having any of these can work. You may even want to set up some coupon program for those who share your setting. It’s worth it in the long run to get additional good press for your business on the internet.

Whatever path you choose for your outdoor furniture design make sure that it stands out in your own mind as well. If you look at it and say “meh” then that is probably what your guests are going to do as well. Use your own good judgment to find pieces which push the edge of design and impress everyone involved.


Lessons from Harry’s Bar in Venice

Harry's Bar in Venice SignConsidered by some to be the most famous bar in the world Harry’s Bar in Venice has been host to the likes of Charlie Chaplin and quite a few more modern stars. It’s still one of the most interesting bars in the entire world and there is certainly something to learn from it. It has a checkered past in some areas but still maintains a mystique that keeps people coming back year after year. At the very least this should make for an interesting read that gives you some ideas.

The Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs declared the building a landmark in 2001 because it was so famous. Fame can bring you amazing things like that when it’s used appropriately. If you run your own business then you may want to create a similarly incredible reputation. Ernest Hemingway was one of many huge names that made the bar famous. People from all over the world visit to see what is going on with it.

The most basic and simple factor to it was an elegant but comfortable style to all their indoor and outdoor furniture. Wood and glass abound, as do stylish but beautiful dishes and table cloths. They somehow manage to mix the upscale with the hometown Italian look in an amazing way. It’s hard to manage that with two such distinct and clashing styles but they did it somehow.

The next place where they stood out is that they claim to have made the first Bellini Cocktail and Carpaccio dish. The fact that people do not step forward to claim the same says something for their reputation. After all some Americans have claimed to have created the first hamburger, which anyone with a rudimentary education knows was made in Hamburg, Germany. People will make outrageous claims on any dish and the fact that they’ve been able to hold the credit to these for so long is amazing.

This reputation allows them to charge premium prices for lounging on their furniture and eating excellent meals with great drinks. Their dry martini is known around the world for being one of their very best drinks. By creating an atmosphere where people feel like paying more is okay they make a huge amount of money over time. There is certainly something to learn from that if you are running your own business.

Things have not always been happy for the owners though. In recent times some of them have plead guilty to tax evasion which came with strict fines. However it did not result in the bar closing down because they had built such an incredible reputation before then. If you build a similar one then practically nothing can tear you down.

In recent times they’ve expanded to other establishments with Outdoor Furniture. However the core bar still remains and they do business in much the same way they would have when Hemingway would have been there. This living piece of history still amazes people today and you should strive to turn your own establishment into something like this.

Unusual Bar Ideas

Concrete Outdoor Bar ExampleIdeas are a big part of all design blogs from outdoor furniture to indoor sofas. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we want to bring you a few more unusual bar ideas. After all everyone needs fresh inspiration on a regular basis to make their setup stand out. From coral floors to unusual lighting we have some very interesting ideas for you that some people have already used to good effect. However if you haven’t seen it done in your area then it’s ripe for the picking, so to speak.

Perhaps the biggest factor which has contributed to the exciting new thoughts in the industry is our capability to mold previously uncreatable materials. Practically anything from the natural to the unnatural can be crafted using our modern tools. This means we could see everything from a living reef piece to a glass and feather structure. There really is no limit to what we can do today and it is absolutely amazing on many levels. We even have new ones we never thought possible.

The fact that we can produce them in such quantities has also added to them being much more viable and useful. People can finally afford outdoor furniture that is made of unexpected things. Previously the cost was a huge barrier to entry that kept many people from buying them. Commercial viability is one of many things that

Now on to the examples. One bar literally has coral entrapped in some other materials which are translucent. This means that the floor itself and furniture have touches of coral. You can see it right through and the top is smooth so you do not have to worry about the rough edges of it injuring anyone who might be trying to relax. This technique is used a lot to put strange things in pieces that are still smooth and comfortable. We can do this with almost anything now.

We even have Outdoor Bar Stools made of pure ivory. Not something most of us can afford or something that we have been unable to do. What is amazing is that we can now tread such valuable and delicate materials to withstand most conditions. This means we can take just about any piece that was indoors to our outside areas and have great effects still.

Things have also gotten really outlandish with some designs at commercial bars. We are literally seeing some floors covered in glitter, rhinestones or very rarely in actual gems. These crazy ideas fit because they are so strange and lively that the people enjoying them get involved and really get in the spirit of the party. While it’s not a great fit for every occasion it works well for them.

Concrete is also being used to great effect with both outdoor furniture and indoor tabletops. While people still don’t want to sit on it we are seeing quite a lot of tables and counters that have unique shapes and designs. As long as people can sit their drinks on it they work fine. These are just a few ideas for you to explore so think about it for yourself.

Leveraging Furniture Suppliers for your Outdoor Bar

Outdoor Furniture SupplierThe news media abounds with headlines of restaurants and other businesses ordering a huge amount of furniture from a supplier. Outdoor pieces and indoor ones are refurnished and trumpeted all over the country or sometimes even world. It’s this partnership that you want to foster with a supplier of your own choice so that you can buy in bulk and save quite a bit. Today’s piece on bars is for those who are running large-scale ventures, sorry to those of you who just want a quaint home setting.

The advantages for both parties in an arrangement like this are significant. The supplier gets to sell you a lot of pieces they may have in backlog which lets them clear up expensive inventory. You get an entirely new setup for your business which will probably look better than your old one. Customers get a better place to enjoy their drinks and food. Everyone wins when you can come to an agreement like this.

Of course it’s not that simple to get an amazing deal on Patio Furniture as well as other items. It can take some shopping around and negotiating with people in order to find the best possible supplier for you in the long run. Some of them will try to lowball you or negotiate you into a worse deal. Be sure to get quotes from many different people in order to find the perfect one’s for you. It may take some time but it’s worth it in the long run.

Information is your friend when dealing with anything like this. Be sure to look up the modern going rates for it which are on the net. With these you can go in and quote them to those you are negotiating with. While they may not appreciate it you are better off doing it than getting burned. Try to make sure you get at least 20 to 30 percent off the retail price.

The best suppliers to look for are the ones who have a surplus of outdoor furniture which they need to get rid of to make space for more. This could be anything from a successful supplier with too much inventory to someone going out of business. In either case they will probably be happy to make you a very good deal on it that both you and they can be happy with. Look in your local newspaper and online for information on things like this.

Finally do not be scared to play hardball with furniture suppliers because they are not going to be scared to do so with you. Quote a price that is below your amount and see how they respond. Some people just love to negotiate and will pay you for the privilege to do so. Be warned though that if someone doesn’t budge you may have to take your money and go home. It’s up to you how much you can afford to leave on the table or for the table in cases like this.

Outdoor Bar Lessons from the Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget PictureThe Golden Nugget in Biloxi is a casino area that combines the best aspects of hot and cold for their fan base. For those of you who run your own business there are quite a few lessons to learn about furniture and style from it. So today we’re going to be exploring this unique location for you and seeing how they handle their own setting. They go with a bigger approach in a number of ways that keeps people interested.

When dealing with such a huge amount of people you need a setting that inspires fun and they have created this. With a massive bar and poolside area they can serve a massive number of customers at once while they sit beside a pool. It’s a really great way for them to enjoy a new setting at an affordable price. Of course all of this is just a precursor to them spending quite a bit on the floor of the area.

They use cool pools near hot Fire Pit Tables to create an entirely new atmosphere for customers. You can enjoy some very fresh and recently cooked treats with your drinks. This adds to the fun of the setup and leads to massive purchases on drinks. There is certainly something to be learned there by those run their own businesses: you can sell the steak but you should also try to sell the sizzle at the same time.

Live shows alongside these elements make up the rest of the entertainment. So guests can grill something around a fire pit while enjoying music and then go for a dip. Variety is the spice of life so try to bring the same variety to your own establishment. It can really improve the good time that everyone has in ways that you might not have ever imagined.

When choosing your outdoor furniture for this you should pick like the proprietors of the golden nugget did: Go Big. They have hundreds of stools, chairs and other comfortable seating arrangements for the massive amount of guests they serve. There is always a seat to relax in somewhere so that no one has to feel left out or come back at a later time. When people feel like they have tons of space to kick back in they are more likely to relax and enjoy themselves.

Another element which they went big with was the pool A bit larger than an Olympic sized pool it is fully heated and has a hot tub as well alongside their fire pits. There are even 16 day beds and 12 cabanas for those who need to take more than just a lounge. Sometimes you just want to take a nap after having had a really fun day.

So how does this apply to you? Try to create a resort atmosphere at your bar or hotel. It’ll give people some enjoyment that goes far beyond outdoor furniture. It’ll create a lasting memory for them to cherish long after they have left.