Leveraging Furniture Suppliers for your Outdoor Bar

Outdoor Furniture SupplierThe news media abounds with headlines of restaurants and other businesses ordering a huge amount of furniture from a supplier. Outdoor pieces and indoor ones are refurnished and trumpeted all over the country or sometimes even world. It’s this partnership that you want to foster with a supplier of your own choice so that you can buy in bulk and save quite a bit. Today’s piece on bars is for those who are running large-scale ventures, sorry to those of you who just want a quaint home setting.

The advantages for both parties in an arrangement like this are significant. The supplier gets to sell you a lot of pieces they may have in backlog which lets them clear up expensive inventory. You get an entirely new setup for your business which will probably look better than your old one. Customers get a better place to enjoy their drinks and food. Everyone wins when you can come to an agreement like this.

Of course it’s not that simple to get an amazing deal on Patio Furniture as well as other items. It can take some shopping around and negotiating with people in order to find the best possible supplier for you in the long run. Some of them will try to lowball you or negotiate you into a worse deal. Be sure to get quotes from many different people in order to find the perfect one’s for you. It may take some time but it’s worth it in the long run.

Information is your friend when dealing with anything like this. Be sure to look up the modern going rates for it which are on the net. With these you can go in and quote them to those you are negotiating with. While they may not appreciate it you are better off doing it than getting burned. Try to make sure you get at least 20 to 30 percent off the retail price.

The best suppliers to look for are the ones who have a surplus of outdoor furniture which they need to get rid of to make space for more. This could be anything from a successful supplier with too much inventory to someone going out of business. In either case they will probably be happy to make you a very good deal on it that both you and they can be happy with. Look in your local newspaper and online for information on things like this.

Finally do not be scared to play hardball with furniture suppliers because they are not going to be scared to do so with you. Quote a price that is below your amount and see how they respond. Some people just love to negotiate and will pay you for the privilege to do so. Be warned though that if someone doesn’t budge you may have to take your money and go home. It’s up to you how much you can afford to leave on the table or for the table in cases like this.

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