Outdoor Bar Lessons from the Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget PictureThe Golden Nugget in Biloxi is a casino area that combines the best aspects of hot and cold for their fan base. For those of you who run your own business there are quite a few lessons to learn about furniture and style from it. So today we’re going to be exploring this unique location for you and seeing how they handle their own setting. They go with a bigger approach in a number of ways that keeps people interested.

When dealing with such a huge amount of people you need a setting that inspires fun and they have created this. With a massive bar and poolside area they can serve a massive number of customers at once while they sit beside a pool. It’s a really great way for them to enjoy a new setting at an affordable price. Of course all of this is just a precursor to them spending quite a bit on the floor of the area.

They use cool pools near hot Fire Pit Tables to create an entirely new atmosphere for customers. You can enjoy some very fresh and recently cooked treats with your drinks. This adds to the fun of the setup and leads to massive purchases on drinks. There is certainly something to be learned there by those run their own businesses: you can sell the steak but you should also try to sell the sizzle at the same time.

Live shows alongside these elements make up the rest of the entertainment. So guests can grill something around a fire pit while enjoying music and then go for a dip. Variety is the spice of life so try to bring the same variety to your own establishment. It can really improve the good time that everyone has in ways that you might not have ever imagined.

When choosing your outdoor furniture for this you should pick like the proprietors of the golden nugget did: Go Big. They have hundreds of stools, chairs and other comfortable seating arrangements for the massive amount of guests they serve. There is always a seat to relax in somewhere so that no one has to feel left out or come back at a later time. When people feel like they have tons of space to kick back in they are more likely to relax and enjoy themselves.

Another element which they went big with was the pool A bit larger than an Olympic sized pool it is fully heated and has a hot tub as well alongside their fire pits. There are even 16 day beds and 12 cabanas for those who need to take more than just a lounge. Sometimes you just want to take a nap after having had a really fun day.

So how does this apply to you? Try to create a resort atmosphere at your bar or hotel. It’ll give people some enjoyment that goes far beyond outdoor furniture. It’ll create a lasting memory for them to cherish long after they have left.


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