Lessons from Harry’s Bar in Venice

Harry's Bar in Venice SignConsidered by some to be the most famous bar in the world Harry’s Bar in Venice has been host to the likes of Charlie Chaplin and quite a few more modern stars. It’s still one of the most interesting bars in the entire world and there is certainly something to learn from it. It has a checkered past in some areas but still maintains a mystique that keeps people coming back year after year. At the very least this should make for an interesting read that gives you some ideas.

The Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs declared the building a landmark in 2001 because it was so famous. Fame can bring you amazing things like that when it’s used appropriately. If you run your own business then you may want to create a similarly incredible reputation. Ernest Hemingway was one of many huge names that made the bar famous. People from all over the world visit to see what is going on with it.

The most basic and simple factor to it was an elegant but comfortable style to all their indoor and outdoor furniture. Wood and glass abound, as do stylish but beautiful dishes and table cloths. They somehow manage to mix the upscale with the hometown Italian look in an amazing way. It’s hard to manage that with two such distinct and clashing styles but they did it somehow.

The next place where they stood out is that they claim to have made the first Bellini Cocktail and Carpaccio dish. The fact that people do not step forward to claim the same says something for their reputation. After all some Americans have claimed to have created the first hamburger, which anyone with a rudimentary education knows was made in Hamburg, Germany. People will make outrageous claims on any dish and the fact that they’ve been able to hold the credit to these for so long is amazing.

This reputation allows them to charge premium prices for lounging on their furniture and eating excellent meals with great drinks. Their dry martini is known around the world for being one of their very best drinks. By creating an atmosphere where people feel like paying more is okay they make a huge amount of money over time. There is certainly something to learn from that if you are running your own business.

Things have not always been happy for the owners though. In recent times some of them have plead guilty to tax evasion which came with strict fines. However it did not result in the bar closing down because they had built such an incredible reputation before then. If you build a similar one then practically nothing can tear you down.

In recent times they’ve expanded to other establishments with Outdoor Furniture. However the core bar still remains and they do business in much the same way they would have when Hemingway would have been there. This living piece of history still amazes people today and you should strive to turn your own establishment into something like this.

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