Unusual Bar Ideas

Concrete Outdoor Bar ExampleIdeas are a big part of all design blogs from outdoor furniture to indoor sofas. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we want to bring you a few more unusual bar ideas. After all everyone needs fresh inspiration on a regular basis to make their setup stand out. From coral floors to unusual lighting we have some very interesting ideas for you that some people have already used to good effect. However if you haven’t seen it done in your area then it’s ripe for the picking, so to speak.

Perhaps the biggest factor which has contributed to the exciting new thoughts in the industry is our capability to mold previously uncreatable materials. Practically anything from the natural to the unnatural can be crafted using our modern tools. This means we could see everything from a living reef piece to a glass and feather structure. There really is no limit to what we can do today and it is absolutely amazing on many levels. We even have new ones we never thought possible.

The fact that we can produce them in such quantities has also added to them being much more viable and useful. People can finally afford outdoor furniture that is made of unexpected things. Previously the cost was a huge barrier to entry that kept many people from buying them. Commercial viability is one of many things that

Now on to the examples. One bar literally has coral entrapped in some other materials which are translucent. This means that the floor itself and furniture have touches of coral. You can see it right through and the top is smooth so you do not have to worry about the rough edges of it injuring anyone who might be trying to relax. This technique is used a lot to put strange things in pieces that are still smooth and comfortable. We can do this with almost anything now.

We even have Outdoor Bar Stools made of pure ivory. Not something most of us can afford or something that we have been unable to do. What is amazing is that we can now tread such valuable and delicate materials to withstand most conditions. This means we can take just about any piece that was indoors to our outside areas and have great effects still.

Things have also gotten really outlandish with some designs at commercial bars. We are literally seeing some floors covered in glitter, rhinestones or very rarely in actual gems. These crazy ideas fit because they are so strange and lively that the people enjoying them get involved and really get in the spirit of the party. While it’s not a great fit for every occasion it works well for them.

Concrete is also being used to great effect with both outdoor furniture and indoor tabletops. While people still don’t want to sit on it we are seeing quite a lot of tables and counters that have unique shapes and designs. As long as people can sit their drinks on it they work fine. These are just a few ideas for you to explore so think about it for yourself.

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