Why Drinks Taste Better at Bars

Semi-Fancy DrinksSo when people think drinks taste better at a certain bar, can the furniture and décor be part of it? The science we have seen in the human mind points to yes. If you think a place is nicer or something tastes better it can really change how your mind and body react. It’s a real and concrete thing which scientists have known about for quite some time. So today we’re going to explore the science behind this and what you can do to make people think their food and drinks are better.

The science of actually the psychology of this is very simple. Everything we see, taste and do has an effect on our mind. Our mind also has an effect on it. People who go to a bar and enjoy themselves expect the same later and if it’s as good then they’ll often build it up in their minds. One bad occasion can leave them never wanting to go back ever again. It’s not a rational thing but it is something emotional and very real to all of us.

Even simple Patio Furniture can help add to the taste. If a chair is comfortable and in a color that a customer likes their mind will be at ease. Of course this varies for every single human being so it’s not as simple as just having something that works for everyone. You have to plan around what you think will work and adjust accordingly when people tell you whether it works or not.

Treatment of the people who visit you is also a large factor. Strive for people being treated as they want to be. This doesn’t mean your bar has to be merry sunshine and positivity all the time. That can work for some clients but others want a somewhat mean joke and an attentive ear for them to drown their sorrows with. Depending on who frequents your establishment you should get some idea of which ones are useful over time.

However it isn’t just how they feel at the moment when sipping a margarita on your outdoor furniture. That certainly does matter but you also have to try to help them capture that good feeling in their minds. So that they can think about it later and recommend friends. By doing this you can create an atmosphere that people take with them when they think of you and how you handled your business. The flipside to that is you can also create a bad memory that sticks with them as well.

So can changing your food to a higher quality also help? Yes but only if your people did not really care for the original drinks and food. Those who have tasted a large variety of dishes know that not all “haute” cuisine tastes good. By the same note all “poor” cuisine tastes bad. Make sure not to shoot yourself in the foot by changing a menu which is working. It’s much easier to change a few tables and chairs.


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