Accepting Pets at Bars

Denver Pet BarPets are hot these days. And not just because it is summer. Everyone wants to have one pet or another and it has become a trend to let them into many businesses. Is your outdoor bar furniture safe around them? Will you be able to get more customers if you let them in? While your situation may be different we’ll be going over the up and downsides to accepting them in your own area. It’s a more complicated issue than you might think at first.

In the days of our ancestors no one would have thought twice if a dog or even sheep were to show up at a business. People had to tend for animals because in some cases they could literally save someone’s life or act as a great food source. However in modern times we band them from nearly every sort of establishment because they could cause problems. That trend is changing due to the pet love fad and how much people care for their critter companions.

Companies are also making outdoor furniture that is pet resistant or even proof. They even have ones just made for them to enjoy. Many different businesses have started adding these to their setup. These may cost a bit more so you should plan for the additional money you will be putting in to add them. It is just another business investment that you should keep in mind if you are running any restaurant or bar.

The benefits to allowing them in your area are significant though. Some people lover their pets so much that they will literally search out an area that accepts them in order to go out and have some fun. They also like to meet other owners which gives them an automatic common ground to talk about. Overall if you can manage to handle the risks you can see some serious growth both in revenue and loyalty among your clientele.

The downside is that you don’t want pets ruining your Outdoor Bar Stools. If you do not have a setup prepared for them then you should probably wait and save up until you can create one that will work properly for your pets. The pieces vary in quality as much as any other sort of furniture so you will also need to shop around and find some that are good at a decent price.

Those who want to take things a step further can actually buy treats and drinks for the pets as well. You can make a tidy sum by providing these extra things for your customers. It saves them the trouble of having to run to a supply store and gets you the extra money for it. In fact many people will pay more for these if it’s for someone or something that they love.

The bottom line of this is that while it is more work it is often worth putting it in. It can really improve the entire atmosphere of your business if pet owners bond there.

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