Lessons from “The Clinic” in Singapore

The Clinic SingaporeThe Clinic in Singapore creates an odd and maybe a bit frightening vibe. However if outdoor furniture can do that it is worth looking at. With various refurbished medical equipment it is a serious hotspot for tourists. It also has had an incredible number of different stories on the event as well. Worldwide media attention has come their way for their setting. However some of the locals are not as happy about the setting so we’ll go over that too.

Their choices in Outdoor Furniture are stylish but unique. Soft cushions for relaxing on with steel not unlike some you would see in an examination room. Chairs that are also shaped liked ones you would see in a doctor’s office. Every detail has been decorated to make you feel like you actually are in a Clinic. It has worked and they have seen some major success from huge numbers of people.

Perhaps the thing that stands out most is how they serve some of their drinks. A few of their cocktails are mixed in IV bags before being served to the people. Apparently you can even have a chance to drink one out of that unusual container right from the start. This little extra touch is something you should think about in your own settings. Perhaps you have your own unique idea on the best way to serve this in your own home or business.

Usually when we profile one of these bars using incredible furniture and overwhelmingly innovative design there are only good things mentioned. However in this case not everything is perfect with the setting. Due to high prices on drinks and a falling out with the locals the bar has seen a downturn in business over time. They have had to cut back on some of their more extravagant purchases. Recently appears they have closed and are in search of a different owner.

The lesson there is obvious. No matter how great your outdoor furniture design is you cannot offend the locals. If they are not into your establishment you are simply doomed to fail in the long run. This applies both to businesspeople and those with neighbors who like to have parties. If you have somehow offended those nearby then you are not going to be able to succeed in the long run.

Even though they failed the décor will still be valuable. It had more to do with extravagant prices than anything else. Their decoration ideas were not bad but there is apparently so far they will get you if your customers are not happy with the other products. There had been complaints about both the price and quality of the drinks served there so it was only a matter of times.

You should also not be put off of your own unique design ideas by this. Most businesses in general fail. It’s up to you to find the proper mixture of service and style that allows you to create a setting that will be famous with everyone.



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