Lessons from Kayabukiya Tavern

Kayabukiya TavernKayabukiya Tavern is one of the best-known taverns in all of Japan. Their unusual style of serving has given this to them. While the waiters are not exactly a part of the outdoor furniture they do create a special setting for the patrons that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. How do they do this? They have trained monkeys in order to serve the customers. That is right trained animals bring your drinks around. This is yet another example of a strange setting drawing in many customers.

This setting would never work unless they had some restrictions on what the monkeys can and cannot do. All of the monkeys have regular health checks and the area is also checked for cleanliness. They are treated properly and fed well by the staff and customers. Each one is trained perfectly to wait on the customers and even bring them additional items like towers. The bottom line with this is even if you have a crazy gimmick you should do your best to keep your establishment classy.

Patio Furniture is another area in which we can learn something from them. The items they have used to decorate the inner and outer areas all have a homey feeling to them. They are also distinctly Japanese. This helps to offset the craziness of the outlandish waiters. Everything besides the monkeys waiting on you is so normal and average that it really creates a dichotomy of design. The lesson to learn here is to go crazy with one aspect of your decoration but keep the rest down-to-earth.

On that same note the regular human waiters and the monkeys are both quite hospitable. For a job well done the monkeys are given some beans to snack on and treated well by the owners. Everything is kept very friendly and personable from the top to the bottom of the establishment. This particular setting is very important to create in your own business. It can keep people thinking favorably of you no matter what happens.

Another thing that this shows beyond just outdoor furniture is that those running the store are willing to put extra effort in. Not everyone would go to all the trouble that is needed to keep these animals healthy and well-trained. Monkeys can notoriously be a bit bad-tempered in certain circumstances so they no doubt hat to put a lot of work and training into it. People value hard work.

Perhaps most importantly of all the monkeys involved are a part of the family as well. They started out as pets in the area but eventually became a part of the serving staff as well. While you may not have monkeys in your area you might have some dogs or cats that could become a fixture in your own establishment. People love to have a cute animal hanging around and it can really brighten up the entire setting if you can find the right balance. How you find that balance is up to you.


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