Creating a Waterfront Bar

Waterfront Bar ExampleA waterfront outdoor bar is something that attracts many people to individual hotels and businesses. We’ve discussed quite a few in the past that have used this style in many ways. So how would you go about doing this in your own area? There are many different ways in which you can and we will discuss a few of them as well. You may be surprised at how many options you have when creating something like this. You don’t necessarily need to be near a large body of water to start with for one.

The technology we have today allows us to create massive pools, artificial ponds and even man-made islands. This gives us an incredible amount of options for creating water features even in the middle of cities. New York and Chicago for example have rooftop pool areas that are quite large. This is because we can make them fairly easily. They are still relatively expensive but far more affordable than ever before.

Outdoor Furniture in this style needs a bit more thought put in. Light, lively colors are needed so that people can enjoy themselves out in the sun. At the same time you need to choose pieces which will not bleach in the sun nor get ruined by all the water which they will inevitably get splashed with. In either case it is very important to make sure you get highly durable and useful pieces. They should also preferably be light so you can move them around as well.

If you run a business then you also want to consider a few things for your area as well. Have some sunscreen that patrons can buy or get for free so that they can protect themselves from harsh burns. Have some shade umbrellas around a few tables. No one likes to get toasted just because there was not enough shelter. These are the basics but some business owners neglect these and bring big trouble to their doorstep.

Another question is where your bar is located on the waterfront. Is it near a polluted area or a scenic lake? This will change a lot of things for you. You may even have to relocate if the natural environment is spoiling your outdoor furniture and the drinks for your patrons. This is something that you need to look into before you go with a large purchase of real estate though. Once you have made it, it can be hard to change things.

You can of course always create your own pool or small lake. This can be quite expensive and many areas are not zoned for such things. On the other hand it is a great way to insure that you have a small area which you fully control that cannot be contaminated by outside people. So it’s up to you whether it is worth paying for that. Whichever method you decide to us the water can be an amazing draw for anyone trying to get new customers into their business any day.



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