Lessons from the Edgewater

Edgewater HotelThe Edgwater hotel in Wisconsin stands out in an area that has many other hotels and attractions. The overall setup is almost like a small town and wows people from all over the country when they come to visit. It also have 202 different rooms and many other facilities. Their outdoor furniture design from the bar to every other section is also stylish and functional. While few of us have a business this large we can still learn many things from this particular location which is also an attraction.

The first big thing that it has is being on the edge of a large lake. For once its truth in advertising as Edgewater actually is on the edge of some water. This is perhaps refreshing in this day and age. It gives the local area a lot of natural beauty and lets guests do some boating as well. This is a big reason why the area has been redone and is going to be an incredibly popular spot upon their re-opening in august.

Outdoor Furniture in this area is mostly of the highest quality. Either it is picked for fashion or to be extra-durable for those hanging and having fun by the dockside. Durability is something that you always want to look for when selecting any sort of piece. Balancing the need for it to look good with the need for it to work well is something we all have to figure out for ourselves.

Another thing to learn about the re-opening is that sometimes you need to do some repairs. This is common sense to many but most businesspeople do not want to take the time to shut down temporarily. They fear they will lose money. You will lose quite a lot more money if you decide to stay open while your entire area is in disrepair. This is a great way to lose a large amount or even all of your fan base.

The sheer variety of experiences you can have there is significant as well. You can shop and have a spa day then go eat on their outdoor furniture. All of these are done in a clean area with plenty of lighting. They also have festive decorations when the holidays come around including parties and Christmas events. There are bars and restaurants sprinkled throughout with stores as well. Creating sheer variety is something we can all hope to find in our own homes or businesses as well.

Grand events are another thing that draws people in. Festivals, celebrations and even weddings can be held here. They have pools and skating rinks. Docks and spas. Having large areas where people can enjoy themselves during the best times of their lives is something that all people strive for. Indeed making people happy is the one thing you can be sure that anyone will pay money for. So these are rather general lessons but the final one is specific. However you decorate with your outdoor furniture and area do it in a grand style like the Edgewater.




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