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Connecting an Outdoor Bar with Other Businesses

Outdoor Bar Near Pool and MallIn many malls and office buildings there are bars with excellent outdoor furniture connected to the main building. In so many cases this is good for both groups as they can share their customers and do not have to compete for the same ones. At the same time they also do not have to worry about losing out on money either as there is enough to go around in almost every circumstance. There can be some problems with this so you need to plan it out well and we will discuss how to do that right now.

Ideally you want to only work with one other organization with this. That cannot always be done, especially if you are in a large building or mall. Sometimes you have to work with several others, sometimes even competitors, to create something to impress everyone involved. While not everyone may be thrilled with this idea it is something that anyone in this business will have to get used to in order to succeed.

As you might expect it is up to you to decide whether other businesses should have a say in your restaurant outdoor furniture. If you can come to an agreement with those nearby then it should be fine. Just make sure that everyone reciprocates and is on the same level. It makes sense to create a wine bar next to a huge corporate area that makes huge amounts of money. A sports bar, likewise should decorate for a mall that it is in so people can feel comfortable in both places.

Once you have decided on a location you need to determine whether you are a good fit between each other. For example you do not want to have a loud and raucous diner next to a business area where people hold important meetings. Both partners will be worse for the exchange instead of better. If you end up having an arrangement like this you should get together with other owners in order to figure out what the best course of action is to take care of the problem.

Ideally your outdoor bar should actually be on the exterior of a casual establishment. Perhaps even another restaurant in some cases. In this way you can have a cool breeze for customers and then when they want some substantial food they can go inside. Everyone wins since people love to eat and drink in one location where they feel comfortable. And two comfortable places can become one as well.

Another consideration with any of this is zoning. You do of course have to be careful with this as just because you can run your business in one area does not mean you can do it everywhere. Alcohol is something that is restricted in a huge number of areas since no one wants it getting into the hands of teenagers as it so often does. This is the final area that you need to check on in order to make sure that your next big project works.






Using a “Long Style” Bar

Long Bar ExampleOne gimmick that many bars use is the “Long Style” of bar. Your outdoor furniture and other items must be selected for this and you need to have the staff to carry it. Today we’ll discuss why you might want to go with this and the difficulties you may face in actually getting it set up. However if you can run something this impressive then you should expect to have some significant profits and success from your business in the long run of things. Just try not to bite off more than you can chew when actually putting it together. Outdoor furniture is just one area which you need to look at.

A “Long Style” bar is exactly what you would expect, just a very long bar. Customers can sit down across a wide area and get served by a large wait staff. If you have experienced members on your team they can also slide drinks down the bar without spilling them. It creates an atmosphere which cannot be matched in any other way. Because of this it is often worth the significant amount of work which you need to put in.

One way to use outdoor patio furniture with this is to have loungers and other places to relax while customers are waiting for their drinks. Even with the best staff there will be times where they cannot fill every order immediately. In these cases you need some comfortable area for your guests to lounge back in when they are waiting for their drinks. You should also have areas in which they can be served drinks which are a bit more exciting such as flaming cocktails.

Unique design possibilities also arise when it comes to selecting outdoor furniture for this sort of thing. For example you could have each section put in with a different theme. One could have a beach theme, then another a sports bar sort of theme and another an ultra-modern look. You could even serve different drinks in different areas but that might start to get a little complicated. Just do whatever will work best for your staff.

As usual you should be careful. Some businesses do not have the money nor the staff to manage such a massive project. In cases such as these you may create something that you thought would be impressive and have it just fall apart before it ever gets started. Never overestimate your capabilities when creating this in your business. On the same note this advice is for businesses. Only the wealthiest have the money to create an impressive bar setting like this and put excellent outdoor furniture with it.

Finally you should decide which drinks to serve. Bartenders will have to be outfitted with the proper mixing equipment in each area so that they can serve a high volume of visitors that will no doubt be coming in to see you. This may lead to much more investment on your part so make sure that you have the funds to match your ambition.



The Boat Bar Trend

Literal Boat BarThe boat bar trend was something that was very rare for some time. Outdoor furniture for it was taken from other sets. Now however it has become somewhat common sense the setting is absolutely perfect for creating a business. It has the built-in novelty that people are looking for and at the same time it has a lot of floor space for those trying to create their own unique setting. In many ways it is absolutely the perfect way to create a new business on a waterfront. You may want to consider this for your own establishment as well by the time we are done.

Many of you are probably asking about how it works with the tides. The good news is that unless you are having some very extreme weather vibrations near a dock are minimal. Your customers will not be sliding around the area during the vast majority of their visits. At the same time you should take note that a massive storm front can cause some unique problems. It can even sink your boat if a serious storm comes in but if a storm is that powerful it could also probably level a building as well.

Choosing proper outdoor dining tables for a setting like this can be a bit more complicated than usual. You need ones that can withstand the weather and be bolted to the deck so that they do not slide around as well. As such only the best specimens will work when you are looking for something in this area. This may cost you quite a bit of money but it is worth it.

In the same way you should also get some that are resistant to saltwater. The good news is that there are several manufacturers now which make items of this type. It sounds strange but there is a demand for it so there is now a supply. Many of them are also quite affordable since they are in this niche area. Be sure to look around and find the one that best fits your own setting.

For those who really want to take some risks you can also get some outdoor furniture which fits with a moving bar. Most bars of this type do not go with this as it can be very difficult to install. There are also some additional risks if a fixture comes loose as it could actually hurt someone. If your local laws allow it and you have a spirit of adventure this can actually be a really great choice. It’s a great way to get people talking.

Other than that it works in much the same way as any other bar. Stools and music. Patrons that are having a good time. Bigger boats can even host a dance floor for those who are interested. Use your imagination in this area since if they are coming to you on a boat your customers are probably fairly excited over novelty acts. Make sure you indulge their thirst for adventure as well.

Should You Change Your Bar for Summer

Outdoor Summer BarThe summer weather brings different clientele across many establishments. The question many have asked is “should I change things up this summer?” with their pieces. There are many different ways in which you can do this and only you can figure out which one is right for your own outdoor furniture. However we’ll give you some ideas about what you can do in order to keep people happy. Some things are universal to human beings when it comes to enjoying the summer.

In some cases the answer is “definitely yes” if you have pieces which cannot handle hot weather or changes in patterns that cause damage to unprotected furniture. You should check each piece and determine whether it can withstand the rough conditions which arise in some countries as the seasons change. Otherwise you will end up buying a large number of new items anyway when your old ones break. No one wants to have to waste money like that.

Changing your contemporary outdoor furniture is something else to consider if your customers have grown bored with a setting. In cases such as this you should ask them for the brutal truth. Your customers may be less likely to come around if they are just bored with everything you are doing. By the same token you should switch up your menu as well in many cases. Customers do not like to have the same food all the time when it comes to things like this.

While you do not have to change everything as a whole you should probably add a few embellishments here and there. People like to feel as if they are “living” the summer. An atmosphere of energy and color is something that you should inspire. People want to feel like they are making the most of their time when they visit your home or business. It is up to you to insure that they get do feel that way.

Many of these rules on outdoor furniture change according to whether your business or home is in an especially hot or cold area. In some areas of the world it’s practically impossible to have an outside setting which is comfortable without having some very cold drinks and very cold water nearby in order to soften the incredible heat. There are areas of South America and Australia that fit into this and you need to plan accordingly if you live there.

Music can be a simple addition to this as well. No matter how the song goes people pretty much always like to listen to “summertime” songs that can help put them at ease. In any case like this you should ask them for feedback about what they want. Not everyone has the same taste in this area either. By matching this up with some new furnishings you can create a new experience.

These tips do not apply equally to all people though. If you live near a lake or have a business that is on a river then your normal setting may be perfect.

Adding a Deck to your Outdoor Bar

Outdoor Bar with DeckA deck is one of the best ways to make your customers feel more comfortable with outdoor furniture. The effect is even greater if you can manage to set one up near water. Installing one of these is more affordable than ever due to the fact that we have so many different ways in which to do it. From concrete to decking you have a huge number of options that are usually quite affordable. It just depends on what you think looks good with the pieces which you have already. We’ll discuss a few options for you as well.

Materials are in many ways the most important thing to consider when you are creating a deck setting or hiring someone to do so. Everything from wood to steel to bone can be used according to your budget. Obviously the more impressive finishes also command a higher price. Across each of these varieties there are also a large number of other varieties to consider as well.

Another thing to check is whether your area can support the deck and Outdoor Furniture. Getting pieces which are too heavy or inconvenient to move may be a mistake. Try to keep these off of the deck and in some other area that can actually handle it. No one wants to do the lengthy installation only to have everything break from the sheer weight of it all. This holds especially true for those who have put together some elevation for the deck as well.

Once you have chosen a material you’ll need to figure out how to install it. Even if you are a competent craftsperson in your own right it’s probably a bad idea to actually handle everything on your own. The amount of work you will need to put in may be far more than you have time for. At the very least you will likely be very exhausted by the time that everything is finished. Once you have a team start planning how it will be set up.

Once that is done you can draw up blueprints and get to work. Everything should be level and strong to support your outdoor furniture on it. Sanding and sealing are also important. A final polish can get the entire setting to look amazing. This is true even if you are not using the finest grain of wood possible and can save you quite a bit of money on that end as well. Sometimes the little details are what make a setting much better than you ever thought possible.

The only real downside to this is you will have to maintain it regularly, especially if you run a business or throw a lot of parties. It is very easy to have scuff marks and other problems. You may even have to pull out a buffer depending on whether what sort of deck you created. Unless you can put the time in to keep it up you should not add one of these onto your own business or establishment.


Should you Improve the View from your Bar?

Bar with Amazing ViewAn amazing view is something that can add the perfect accent to your outdoor furniture. Some businesses or homes have it right from the start. Others will have to move or change quite a few things about their setting in order for everything to work right. We’ll discuss your options in this area including creating your own view in ways you might not have thought about for. You never know just what you can do in order to get that extra accent on the setting which you are looking for.

Before deciding how you will do this make sure that the building inspector is fine with it. Not being told about new construction is something that government officials won’t abide. Usually if you are reasonable with them they will give you the licenses which you need to start construction. Just make sure that they understand what it is you are going to do and how it will benefit the city. If not they may fine you or even make you reverse the operation in some situations.

If you have no other way to do it you can always take it to the roof. Outdoor Bar Stools can still fit in even on a rooftop setting. This can be combined with a bar that overlooks the skyline for a view which you cannot match anywhere else. Pretty much all the largest cities around the world have at least a few setups like this that are very popular and can thus command a good price for their drinks from the patrons.

Opening up a wall is one great way to change everything for your setting. Outdoor furniture can be installed after removing part of it then adding a window or other open area. This can be combined with the previously mentioned rooftop method to create a truly inspiring view that just about anyone will love to hang out around. As we also mentioned before be sure to find out whether the construction is okay.

Unfortunately for a few of you there is no way to have a great view even with many different options at times. If you are locked in by other businesses with no path to the skyline you may have no options in this area at all. If this is the case you could try to put in an internal attraction or you could of course move. Moving is something we suggest for many people who want to have a new view. You may even be able to find a place that has one before you even get in there.

The view itself has some properties which you cannot pay for with money. It puts customers at ease to look out across a beautiful skyline or nice pond. It helps them feel at ease and may make things go more smoothly for your waiters as well. At the same time your employees themselves may enjoy the view and relax there as well when they are not on the clock, assuming you treat them right as well.

Bar Lessons from the 16th Street Mall

16th Street Mall LightingThe 16th street mall is an incredibly popular area in Denver. The massive outdoor mall has a few indoor stores as well and huge amounts of competition in the area of food and drink. 184 different vendors are nearby or directly in the area. All of this competition breeds excellence. Excellence breeds examples for us to write about. So we will be looking at the situation for you today and seeing what we can learn from this. There are probably quite a few things.

The mall itself makes incredible amounts of money due to the fact that so much commerce is in the area. Events abound as well which adds to the overall atmosphere. This draws in massive numbers of businesspeople to sell their wares over time. As a result they have to really work to beat out the competition in every area. A bar will not survive if it cannot outdo competitors somehow.

Patio Furniture counts for quite a bit. In fact one of the chief ways to stand out is in your style outside. Since it is not an indoor mall the first thing most people will see is a chair or table. You need to have proper shade for those lounging with their drinks as well. All of this is rather basic stuff but is no less important for being basic. If your own business is lacking in this area then you may want to re-do a bit of your design.

The nearby festivals and attractions are another reason that these locations are so popular. You would do well to put your business in a similar area if at all possible. It adds some additional attention that has a positive benefit on all of you. No matter what someone is doing there they will probably want to go and get some food later. It’s just a fact of life that this naturally happens.

The other factors which everyone competes over are food, drinks and advertising. As far as the first two everyone has a similar high level of quality. No matter where you go you can eat or drink something delicious from an extensive menu. The prices may be a bit high in some areas but many think it is worth it and you need to have an exquisite setting for your own customers as well. They come looking for quality in an area with many high-class dining areas and you cannot disappoint them.

Advertising is a bit trickier. Contact with the media is of course very important. But redesigns, specials and events also all play a part in this. You have to let people know that cool things are happening that they want to go to. It sounds a bit corny but you should always try to put yourself out there as many of the establishments here do.

The final lesson to gather from this is to not shun competition. You should of course always try to outdo them but you should never lament the fact that competitors are around. They keep you on your toes and doing your best.

Adding Flaming Drinks to your Bar

Flaming Drinks ImageLighting a drink on fire is something that can amaze any party-goer. You have to be quite careful and have some very skilled servers in order to do this right though. If you try to do it with people who are not responsible enough then you could even end up lighting your outdoor furniture on fire. So we’ll go over how to keep everyone safe when putting on a performance like this. There are quite a few tips which can help make everything easier for you and keep your drinks flowing all night long.

Before you decide to do this make sure to use the right amount of alcohol. Too little and it will just fizzle early on. Too much, as with moonshine, and you could end up having a minor explosion that you quickly need to put out. Before any of your workers attempt this they should get some practice in with it. It is tough to do this well and not injure yourself in the process. The results if they can get it right are often spectacular.

Fire Pit Tables do not normally mix well with customer drinks. There are just too many things that can go wrong. However you might consider having one for your servers. If they are responsible throwing a bit of a drink on a fire can add panache to the mixing. This can be a little bit dangerous if you are untrained but with proper practice they can get it to the point where nothing bad could possibly happen.

As you might expect you should also keep a fire extinguisher or some other way to put out an unexpected fire. Even those who are extremely skilled can sometimes slip up due to being exhausted at the end of a night. This just happens to many people so you need to prepare for it. It’s no more dangerous than a chef getting really tired and accidentally setting a piece of food on fire.

Before using this around your outdoor furniture and other areas you should talk with the fire marshal. There are many allowances for this within the charters of a city. At the same time however if you do not talk with them first they might end up quite upset with you in the long run. Avoiding problems with local government is always something you want to do. Even if you are only doing this in your own home the same thought process applies: ask first.

If you are worried about someone slipping you can always get a sort of furniture that is fire resistant. There are surprisingly a few materials like this that you can use today. Be careful about chemicals though because some fire retardants in older furniture have been linked to cancer. Investigate a piece before you go out and get it to make sure you aren’t causing more problems than you solve. Other than that just practice and stay safe while using this drink presentation method. If you do you should see some incredible results.