Adding Flaming Drinks to your Bar

Flaming Drinks ImageLighting a drink on fire is something that can amaze any party-goer. You have to be quite careful and have some very skilled servers in order to do this right though. If you try to do it with people who are not responsible enough then you could even end up lighting your outdoor furniture on fire. So we’ll go over how to keep everyone safe when putting on a performance like this. There are quite a few tips which can help make everything easier for you and keep your drinks flowing all night long.

Before you decide to do this make sure to use the right amount of alcohol. Too little and it will just fizzle early on. Too much, as with moonshine, and you could end up having a minor explosion that you quickly need to put out. Before any of your workers attempt this they should get some practice in with it. It is tough to do this well and not injure yourself in the process. The results if they can get it right are often spectacular.

Fire Pit Tables do not normally mix well with customer drinks. There are just too many things that can go wrong. However you might consider having one for your servers. If they are responsible throwing a bit of a drink on a fire can add panache to the mixing. This can be a little bit dangerous if you are untrained but with proper practice they can get it to the point where nothing bad could possibly happen.

As you might expect you should also keep a fire extinguisher or some other way to put out an unexpected fire. Even those who are extremely skilled can sometimes slip up due to being exhausted at the end of a night. This just happens to many people so you need to prepare for it. It’s no more dangerous than a chef getting really tired and accidentally setting a piece of food on fire.

Before using this around your outdoor furniture and other areas you should talk with the fire marshal. There are many allowances for this within the charters of a city. At the same time however if you do not talk with them first they might end up quite upset with you in the long run. Avoiding problems with local government is always something you want to do. Even if you are only doing this in your own home the same thought process applies: ask first.

If you are worried about someone slipping you can always get a sort of furniture that is fire resistant. There are surprisingly a few materials like this that you can use today. Be careful about chemicals though because some fire retardants in older furniture have been linked to cancer. Investigate a piece before you go out and get it to make sure you aren’t causing more problems than you solve. Other than that just practice and stay safe while using this drink presentation method. If you do you should see some incredible results.


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