Bar Lessons from the 16th Street Mall

16th Street Mall LightingThe 16th street mall is an incredibly popular area in Denver. The massive outdoor mall has a few indoor stores as well and huge amounts of competition in the area of food and drink. 184 different vendors are nearby or directly in the area. All of this competition breeds excellence. Excellence breeds examples for us to write about. So we will be looking at the situation for you today and seeing what we can learn from this. There are probably quite a few things.

The mall itself makes incredible amounts of money due to the fact that so much commerce is in the area. Events abound as well which adds to the overall atmosphere. This draws in massive numbers of businesspeople to sell their wares over time. As a result they have to really work to beat out the competition in every area. A bar will not survive if it cannot outdo competitors somehow.

Patio Furniture counts for quite a bit. In fact one of the chief ways to stand out is in your style outside. Since it is not an indoor mall the first thing most people will see is a chair or table. You need to have proper shade for those lounging with their drinks as well. All of this is rather basic stuff but is no less important for being basic. If your own business is lacking in this area then you may want to re-do a bit of your design.

The nearby festivals and attractions are another reason that these locations are so popular. You would do well to put your business in a similar area if at all possible. It adds some additional attention that has a positive benefit on all of you. No matter what someone is doing there they will probably want to go and get some food later. It’s just a fact of life that this naturally happens.

The other factors which everyone competes over are food, drinks and advertising. As far as the first two everyone has a similar high level of quality. No matter where you go you can eat or drink something delicious from an extensive menu. The prices may be a bit high in some areas but many think it is worth it and you need to have an exquisite setting for your own customers as well. They come looking for quality in an area with many high-class dining areas and you cannot disappoint them.

Advertising is a bit trickier. Contact with the media is of course very important. But redesigns, specials and events also all play a part in this. You have to let people know that cool things are happening that they want to go to. It sounds a bit corny but you should always try to put yourself out there as many of the establishments here do.

The final lesson to gather from this is to not shun competition. You should of course always try to outdo them but you should never lament the fact that competitors are around. They keep you on your toes and doing your best.

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