The Boat Bar Trend

Literal Boat BarThe boat bar trend was something that was very rare for some time. Outdoor furniture for it was taken from other sets. Now however it has become somewhat common sense the setting is absolutely perfect for creating a business. It has the built-in novelty that people are looking for and at the same time it has a lot of floor space for those trying to create their own unique setting. In many ways it is absolutely the perfect way to create a new business on a waterfront. You may want to consider this for your own establishment as well by the time we are done.

Many of you are probably asking about how it works with the tides. The good news is that unless you are having some very extreme weather vibrations near a dock are minimal. Your customers will not be sliding around the area during the vast majority of their visits. At the same time you should take note that a massive storm front can cause some unique problems. It can even sink your boat if a serious storm comes in but if a storm is that powerful it could also probably level a building as well.

Choosing proper outdoor dining tables for a setting like this can be a bit more complicated than usual. You need ones that can withstand the weather and be bolted to the deck so that they do not slide around as well. As such only the best specimens will work when you are looking for something in this area. This may cost you quite a bit of money but it is worth it.

In the same way you should also get some that are resistant to saltwater. The good news is that there are several manufacturers now which make items of this type. It sounds strange but there is a demand for it so there is now a supply. Many of them are also quite affordable since they are in this niche area. Be sure to look around and find the one that best fits your own setting.

For those who really want to take some risks you can also get some outdoor furniture which fits with a moving bar. Most bars of this type do not go with this as it can be very difficult to install. There are also some additional risks if a fixture comes loose as it could actually hurt someone. If your local laws allow it and you have a spirit of adventure this can actually be a really great choice. It’s a great way to get people talking.

Other than that it works in much the same way as any other bar. Stools and music. Patrons that are having a good time. Bigger boats can even host a dance floor for those who are interested. Use your imagination in this area since if they are coming to you on a boat your customers are probably fairly excited over novelty acts. Make sure you indulge their thirst for adventure as well.

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