Using a “Long Style” Bar

Long Bar ExampleOne gimmick that many bars use is the “Long Style” of bar. Your outdoor furniture and other items must be selected for this and you need to have the staff to carry it. Today we’ll discuss why you might want to go with this and the difficulties you may face in actually getting it set up. However if you can run something this impressive then you should expect to have some significant profits and success from your business in the long run of things. Just try not to bite off more than you can chew when actually putting it together. Outdoor furniture is just one area which you need to look at.

A “Long Style” bar is exactly what you would expect, just a very long bar. Customers can sit down across a wide area and get served by a large wait staff. If you have experienced members on your team they can also slide drinks down the bar without spilling them. It creates an atmosphere which cannot be matched in any other way. Because of this it is often worth the significant amount of work which you need to put in.

One way to use outdoor patio furniture with this is to have loungers and other places to relax while customers are waiting for their drinks. Even with the best staff there will be times where they cannot fill every order immediately. In these cases you need some comfortable area for your guests to lounge back in when they are waiting for their drinks. You should also have areas in which they can be served drinks which are a bit more exciting such as flaming cocktails.

Unique design possibilities also arise when it comes to selecting outdoor furniture for this sort of thing. For example you could have each section put in with a different theme. One could have a beach theme, then another a sports bar sort of theme and another an ultra-modern look. You could even serve different drinks in different areas but that might start to get a little complicated. Just do whatever will work best for your staff.

As usual you should be careful. Some businesses do not have the money nor the staff to manage such a massive project. In cases such as these you may create something that you thought would be impressive and have it just fall apart before it ever gets started. Never overestimate your capabilities when creating this in your business. On the same note this advice is for businesses. Only the wealthiest have the money to create an impressive bar setting like this and put excellent outdoor furniture with it.

Finally you should decide which drinks to serve. Bartenders will have to be outfitted with the proper mixing equipment in each area so that they can serve a high volume of visitors that will no doubt be coming in to see you. This may lead to much more investment on your part so make sure that you have the funds to match your ambition.



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