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Creating a “Bar”-beque Pit

Barbecue Pit DiagramBarbecue is something enjoyed around the world while sitting on comfortable outdoor furniture. No matter what continent you are on someone has found a way to take advantage of that cooking style. As such you can amuse friends and please customers by creating a cooking pit like this. From the Philippines to Europe many cultures have a method of this type and we’ll discuss the various options that you have when you are setting up one of these for yourself as well. It may be easier and more useful than you ever realized.

So how does a barbecue pit work? Depending on how you set it up it could work on hot coals, pressure or even gas in a few areas. All of these are popular ways to cook and smoking is another one where the smoke leaves the insides tender. No one way is better than the others and each one can give you a delicious taste and interesting setting for your next event.

Digging the pit can be an exhausting process because it has to be quite deep to fit a large amount of food. This is a weekend job that you can do with friends though and you will also need to have some slots to fit a spit into that the meat hangs from. Fortunately this process is not very complicated and all you really need is a shovel and a metal bar so it does not exactly need advanced DIY skills.

Fire Pit Tables actually have little in common with this style. While they both can be used to cook food one is meant more for an above-ground social gathering. A pit is made for people who want to see something truly unusual when they are getting their food. Each one has a distinct charm though that can make both of them a good choice.

Safety is extremely important when you use one of these. More than one person has drunkenly stumbled into a cooking area and suffered severe burns, although only a few people have ever been so drunk that they passed away after their unexpected trip. Children should also be kept away from the cooking area as they often do not know any better than to wander too close and can easily get injured if parents are not watching.

So what do you cook in such a pit? Usually you spit-roast a large piece of cow or pig. Sometimes you will even put in a whole pig in order to get unusual flavors. Preparing it once it has been cooked can be a bit difficult so you should either be someone who is trained in the process or invite someone to teach you. Many people also go with a Hawaiian or Southern theme because this cooking process is popular in both of those areas. Sauces and spices are also often cooked with the meat in order to infuse them throughout the dish. Make sure that you combine the perfect furniture with these amazing dishes for the best effect.


Guarding a Beach Bar from the Elements

Beach BarBeach bars with stylish outdoor furniture are extremely popular in many parts of the world. Unfortunately they have to deal with some environmental problems which most settings do not even have to consider. As such you need to be especially careful when you are picking out each item for your own business. Otherwise you could see a setup ruined before it even gets started. We talk about this subject often here but that is only because it is vitally important for anyone who wants to save money and have a beautiful bar.

Having pieces which are resilient to the elements are nothing new. We saw these around dockside bars before most of us were alive. Humans have known how to make pieces such as these for nearly all of our history. It’s just that in the modern day we’re putting more of a value on the organic, green pieces which has made them much more popular. As such have a beachside bar can be very valuable.

Outdoor Furniture in general has problems with seawater. There really is no way to avoid your customers or workers getting it on the pieces here and there. You cannot really complain if a piece is damaged because you did not get the right sort of setup. While you may not enjoy having to get new decorations it does teach you a valuable lesson about decorating and pragmatism that you cannot buy with money.

Unless a piece is naturally resilient to the water you can expect to pay quite a bit more for anything you get. You cannot really avoid this as it’s very hard to find items such as these at a serious discount anywhere, well, unless the pieces are really ugly. Anyone can find some very ugly pieces at a discount but you probably do not want to use those and throw all of your guests off due to hideous design choices.

Another danger to guard both your outdoor furniture and people from is sea animals. While they do not pose as much of a threat as the sea spray they can be quite annoying and damage it over time. For example a crab can both pester customers and scratch furniture if it decides to wander up. A jellyfish rarely has a chance to damage any of this but at the same time the poison it puts out can stain furniture or injure your customers.

Sometimes a very severe storm will roll in and all you can do there is bring everything in and hope nothing is blown away. No matter how strong a piece is unless it is bolted to the ground it can be lifted and destroyed by winds that are strong enough. If a hurricane were to hit there really is very little you can do other than to pray that your bar will not be the one smashed by gale force winds. While this obviously does not happen often it is something that you need to consider as a home or business owner.




Portable Bar Furniture

Portable BarPortable bar outdoor (and indoor) furniture is a relatively new trend. We simply could not properly make it in a form that was useful before the modern day. As such we rarely saw pieces that you would want to carry around due to their size or construction. We had to be careful with each one and make sure that it was not damaged in transport. That has all changed and you can now do practically anything you want with your furniture in a number of ways.

So what makes a piece of bar equipment especially portable? It helps to have some wheels and a compact form. It is even better if the entire design can be folded up into itself. Some of them even have component parts which make it very easy to transport. Some of them even come inside of a carrying case which you can remove the parts from. Even a small serving tray can be quite useful in this area and all of these can work for your home or business.

When using Outdoor Furniture of this type you may not always need it. However you will be glad that you have it when you do. Businesses never know when they might need something out of the ordinary due to high demand. If you are buying it for your personal use it can be quite handy for any trip that you take it on as well so it is something to consider in both cases.

For some you may even want to buy huge amounts of these in order to create a setting anywhere. Caterers can get amazing results from this as you can create an impromptu bar anywhere in the world, even on the side of a hill or forest. Novelty is one major driving factor for purchases among many people and they will pay much more for something that catches their attention.

Along with the outdoor furniture which can move easily you will also need a storage device for your bar supplies. As such you could use anything from a cooler to an exquisitely carved wooden storage device in order to carry everything. It all depends on where your customers want to enjoy their drinks and what you want to provide for them.

An incredible event can be created if you have some wooden barrels which store your drinks. They can act as a storage device and then when the drinks have been poured can also act as an additional chair for anyone who wants to enjoy your fare in an unusual place. Food is a bit trickier here as you may have to get a portable grill or fire pit in order to prepare all of that.

The downside to some of these pieces is that they will often cost quite a lot more than you probably expected to spend. Due to this you have to be careful when you are buying and not overspend your budget. No one wants to be left with an incomplete set.


A Partially Submerged Bar Pool

Submerged Bar PoolAt many resorts they have a very unusual take on outdoor furniture for bars, part of the bar is submerged. Usually the section underwater is the one that the customers are in because bartending while submerged has some unique problems that many people would rather not deal with. Since it is such an unusual setting you have to make some unusual choices for that very reason. At the same time you can get some unexpectedly great results if you get everything set up properly.

So how do these work? The most common type is the one that is built into the pool. Since the seating can be made of exactly the same materials as the pool itself it will never rust and rarely wears down. Unfortunately this sort of setting is often very uncomfortable since pools are not exactly made of pillows in many cases. So if you want to go with the traditional method then you may have some problems. There are alternatives though, which we will discuss shortly.

Outdoor Furniture of this type needs to be completely waterproof of course. You can buy some very soft pieces in this area while still having serious fashion and durability. Inflatable pieces are an option as well but they need to be from a special designer in order to not quickly pop. Fortunately there are super-fabrics which can be put underwater indefinitely. You can even simply add some cushions to a hard surface in order to complete the overall look and satisfy customers.

Unfortunately creating this look in either way can be very expensive. Architects will charge a premium to add seating to the base designer. Cushions which can be put underwater indefinitely are also extremely expensive for reasons that should be obvious. So you should not go with this look unless you have the money to burn which we talk about so often. You do have it then this can be a really amazing choice for any setting.

As you might expect submerging your outdoor furniture is really only suitable for hot climates. No one wants to freeze their butt off because you decided that you could only get your drinks in the pool in a cold climate. As such you should only do this in areas where you have hot weather for most of the year. You will of course also want to include a serving section for those who are not interested in swimming.

Another thing to consider is safety with this sort of bar. You have to make sure that your people do not ever serve someone more than they can take if they are in the pool. Businesses owners would probably expect people not to drink so much that they drown but at the same time having a life guard on duty might not be a bad idea. If possible you may even want to have one of your bartenders train in CPR. It would make for an interesting news story if one of them saved a person anyway.


Outdoor Bars and Champagne Stacks

Champagne TowerStacks of champagne are the height of style for many bars. Gatherings among the very wealthy almost always have them. We’ll talk about your options for these and how you can create one of your own on any sort of budget. If you cater to a high-class clientele that wants more then you may want to look at your options here as well. Unfortunately setting one of these up can be very difficult, requiring proper glasses and a table which can work with it.

Before you get started you must make sure you have both an even area that does not vibrate when people walk in and someone skilled enough to stack them perfectly. The idea is to have all of the drinks flow from one glass to another. Fortunately there are actually some glasses and tables made for these specifically. A few rare setups even have fake setups where all the glasses are already attached. It’s kind of interesting but not the best choice for everyone.

Selecting a proper table for this out of your restaurant outdoor furniture can be difficult. It needs to not only be level but stable for when people begin walking in. While many people don’t think about it the force of several people walking up can cause the entire setup to shake and spill. You need to be able to figure out how everything will work. As you might expect you should also test everything before the day of the event to get it right.

Having the champagne pour down is actually quite impressive as well but you need to have proper glasses balanced for the flow. Many creators for this put a tiny chink in a side or balance it on one side so that it pours properly. No one wants to have it pour out all over the floor when you are having a huge event as well. It can turn a really great event into one that embarrasses your establishment if it works wrong.

Once you have poured everything you also often have to deliver the drinks to people as well. Servers need to take the items from the top while not disturbing the furniture or causing any other problems. Events such as these make the difference between a bar which has some style and one which absolutely amazes everyone who sees the event. This can also make the difference between a normal setting and one that makes you incredible amounts of money.

Unfortunately not all of these will work perfectly outdoors or indoors. Someone may clumsily slip into it or a rainstorm may fire up. In both cases you just need to be able to get all of your pieces in before a serious problem is caused by these unexpected events. In these cases you just have to make the best of this. It’s one reason that people often only do this inside a bar but by doing it outdoors, as we often see in Hollywood, you can often create a setup which is much more amazing.


Creating an Outdoor Wall Serving Station

Outdoor Wall BarOne major project that so many people are working on with outdoor patio furniture is a bar serving station attached to a wall. It has a secure setup which folds into and out of the wall as well. Business owners have also been using these more often but also include a locking design with it as well in order to make sure that nothing is stolen. However you decide to use it many people are now putting these in their own homes and establishments which makes this a very popular trend. Should you get one of your own? We will be exploring that question today.

Many of these are made with simple wood, bolts and rope for a rustic look that belies the advanced setup. Working on one of these can be difficult but the fact that you can use it to impress customers is often worth the effort. You may either cut the pieces yourself or go to a specialized company in order to get them as well. Having high-quality wood and other materials in the construction also helps with the overall look of everything.

As always make sure to match your outdoor patio furniture to this setup as well. This should not be too difficult as there are many great-looking wood and metal pieces which you could easily connect to this. Many of them are also highly affordable so you do not have to worry about how much they will cost either. The only difficult part is deciding which ones are best suited for each piece. For example color and grain are vital parts.

Keeping these stocked with ingredients is vital as well. Everything from lemons to liquor should be inside of it somewhere. Soda water is also quite popular as well so it’s essential for when you have everything done and the kit is done. If possible keep a knife and ice pick there as well so that you can always have everything you could possibly need to get things done.

If you really want to amaze people with it you can go the extra mile with accessories for your outdoor furniture. These vary from icemakers to overhangs for days when the weather is not so good. Each one will cost you a bit more but should be something that you can handle fairly easily in most situations. If you cannot get these installed by yourself simply hire a contractor to help you get everything right.

Symmetry is also important. You should assemble your furniture near and centered on this unusual pieces. This serves two purposes because people can talk about it and watch someone make the drinks for an added impact to whoever is watching. For many people the prospect of a show along with a good drink is enough to get them to your business. Many other restaurants and bars have used this as their main gimmick and have made huge amounts of money due to the positive word of mouth that the practice generated around town.

Finishing Your Outdoor Bar Furniture

Finishing an Outdoor TableCreating an amazing finish is something that many people want on their outdoor furniture. While creating one is not terribly difficult maintaining it can be. For one that truly stands out in comparison to others you will also have to do quite a bit more work. It all comes down to what you want from your setting so keep it in mind when you are looking at your options. And of course you can always have someone do it for you if you lack the skills, or the time, to do this for yourself.

Before you get started you can always looked into options where the manufacturer has finished it for you. While these are often of good quality because this is how they make their money you have to remember that they make their money in this manner. As such you will probably be paying quite a bit more for this when it happens. If the time you save in this area is worth it to you then go ahead with this.

Working on outdoor dining tables provides a great example of what you will need to do. First you will need to sand off any edges and wax it properly. You may need to even paint it before that if it has already been damaged. Then you should coat it with a layer of sealant which knocks water away. Afterwards there are other treatments you can do which may or may not be necessary depending on the level of damage and what your weather in the area is like.

Unfortunately even with all this done you will still have some damage to it over time. As such you have to keep tabs on it and re-apply these in order to make sure it stays looking good. If you are lax with it then you just wasted all the work you did before. Only the very rich can afford someone to look after this. Insects and wildlife can also do additional damage to it if you are not careful.

On the other hand you can actually do too much work and make the finish on your furniture slick. It should be pretty clear to you why you do not want a slick outdoor dining table. Unless you have some very unusual dinner guests this is something that you absolutely have to avoid at all costs.

Another question is whether you want to put a finish on these at all. In most cases the answer is yes because so many different tables look really good with it. In a few rare cases in which you are going for a weathered look you would probably want to leave it as-is. In other cases a wood naturally has a grain which is absolutely beautiful and you want to preserve this as much as you can by not working on it too heavily. In either case you could have a good reason to avoid this and just let nature take its course in weathering it down.


Creating a Hi-Tech Outdoor Bar

Waterproof TVTechnology isn’t only for the inside, as we have discussed before, now you can use it to improve your outdoor bar furniture and other options as well. Everything from televisions to miniature computers can now be used outside due to new technology that makes it water tight and highly resistant to the elements. Using these can be a cool way to stand out for your own business or local home and really create a unique atmosphere, something which is very important as we have mentioned many times before.

Before you get started you should note that models of technology which are resistant to weather are also very expensive in most cases. This is because while we have the technology for it this often entails giving an additional coating to the structure or using very tight construction so that no water can drip in. In these cases it’s worth it but will run you more so do not go into this expecting to get everything done cheaply, it just is not happening.

For many people the first item to buy is a television. While not what you think of as normal outdoor bar furniture it is something that many of them have. In this case you can actually put these under a shelter to protect them. This also goes for some other items if you have a proper shelter. However if you can get one which can stand out it can work perfectly in any situation.

Remote controls that are resistant to weather are a must-have for anything such as this. Depending on how much money you want to spend they can control anything from minor displays to a full digital menus which your staff can use to interact with people. In some cases you could actually just set it up so they order everything. In a few parts of the world, such as Japan, there are several bars like this that save the staff quite a bit of time and effort.

Of course this goes perfectly with other parts of contemporary outdoor furniture. Having a hyper-modern look with technology is now the hip thing to do. Everyone from outsider social groups to the mainstream enjoys taking a look at advanced technology, especially if it includes anything which makes their life easier. It has a widespread appeal that you are searching for with your bar.

Technology can also act as your theme, simply technology. People love anything that is new and has just happened and this is the definition of it. You can gather a following locally and throughout social media if the setting stands out to a high enough degree with people. You cannot buy word of mouth but you can make it for yourself like this.

So what is the one downside? You will have to regularly set everything up so that upgrades happen whenever your tech level goes too far beyond the norm. Your business will have to stay profitable for you to do this so you should be careful as well.