Creating a Hi-Tech Outdoor Bar

Waterproof TVTechnology isn’t only for the inside, as we have discussed before, now you can use it to improve your outdoor bar furniture and other options as well. Everything from televisions to miniature computers can now be used outside due to new technology that makes it water tight and highly resistant to the elements. Using these can be a cool way to stand out for your own business or local home and really create a unique atmosphere, something which is very important as we have mentioned many times before.

Before you get started you should note that models of technology which are resistant to weather are also very expensive in most cases. This is because while we have the technology for it this often entails giving an additional coating to the structure or using very tight construction so that no water can drip in. In these cases it’s worth it but will run you more so do not go into this expecting to get everything done cheaply, it just is not happening.

For many people the first item to buy is a television. While not what you think of as normal outdoor bar furniture it is something that many of them have. In this case you can actually put these under a shelter to protect them. This also goes for some other items if you have a proper shelter. However if you can get one which can stand out it can work perfectly in any situation.

Remote controls that are resistant to weather are a must-have for anything such as this. Depending on how much money you want to spend they can control anything from minor displays to a full digital menus which your staff can use to interact with people. In some cases you could actually just set it up so they order everything. In a few parts of the world, such as Japan, there are several bars like this that save the staff quite a bit of time and effort.

Of course this goes perfectly with other parts of contemporary outdoor furniture. Having a hyper-modern look with technology is now the hip thing to do. Everyone from outsider social groups to the mainstream enjoys taking a look at advanced technology, especially if it includes anything which makes their life easier. It has a widespread appeal that you are searching for with your bar.

Technology can also act as your theme, simply technology. People love anything that is new and has just happened and this is the definition of it. You can gather a following locally and throughout social media if the setting stands out to a high enough degree with people. You cannot buy word of mouth but you can make it for yourself like this.

So what is the one downside? You will have to regularly set everything up so that upgrades happen whenever your tech level goes too far beyond the norm. Your business will have to stay profitable for you to do this so you should be careful as well.



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