Creating an Outdoor Wall Serving Station

Outdoor Wall BarOne major project that so many people are working on with outdoor patio furniture is a bar serving station attached to a wall. It has a secure setup which folds into and out of the wall as well. Business owners have also been using these more often but also include a locking design with it as well in order to make sure that nothing is stolen. However you decide to use it many people are now putting these in their own homes and establishments which makes this a very popular trend. Should you get one of your own? We will be exploring that question today.

Many of these are made with simple wood, bolts and rope for a rustic look that belies the advanced setup. Working on one of these can be difficult but the fact that you can use it to impress customers is often worth the effort. You may either cut the pieces yourself or go to a specialized company in order to get them as well. Having high-quality wood and other materials in the construction also helps with the overall look of everything.

As always make sure to match your outdoor patio furniture to this setup as well. This should not be too difficult as there are many great-looking wood and metal pieces which you could easily connect to this. Many of them are also highly affordable so you do not have to worry about how much they will cost either. The only difficult part is deciding which ones are best suited for each piece. For example color and grain are vital parts.

Keeping these stocked with ingredients is vital as well. Everything from lemons to liquor should be inside of it somewhere. Soda water is also quite popular as well so it’s essential for when you have everything done and the kit is done. If possible keep a knife and ice pick there as well so that you can always have everything you could possibly need to get things done.

If you really want to amaze people with it you can go the extra mile with accessories for your outdoor furniture. These vary from icemakers to overhangs for days when the weather is not so good. Each one will cost you a bit more but should be something that you can handle fairly easily in most situations. If you cannot get these installed by yourself simply hire a contractor to help you get everything right.

Symmetry is also important. You should assemble your furniture near and centered on this unusual pieces. This serves two purposes because people can talk about it and watch someone make the drinks for an added impact to whoever is watching. For many people the prospect of a show along with a good drink is enough to get them to your business. Many other restaurants and bars have used this as their main gimmick and have made huge amounts of money due to the positive word of mouth that the practice generated around town.

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