Outdoor Bars and Champagne Stacks

Champagne TowerStacks of champagne are the height of style for many bars. Gatherings among the very wealthy almost always have them. We’ll talk about your options for these and how you can create one of your own on any sort of budget. If you cater to a high-class clientele that wants more then you may want to look at your options here as well. Unfortunately setting one of these up can be very difficult, requiring proper glasses and a table which can work with it.

Before you get started you must make sure you have both an even area that does not vibrate when people walk in and someone skilled enough to stack them perfectly. The idea is to have all of the drinks flow from one glass to another. Fortunately there are actually some glasses and tables made for these specifically. A few rare setups even have fake setups where all the glasses are already attached. It’s kind of interesting but not the best choice for everyone.

Selecting a proper table for this out of your restaurant outdoor furniture can be difficult. It needs to not only be level but stable for when people begin walking in. While many people don’t think about it the force of several people walking up can cause the entire setup to shake and spill. You need to be able to figure out how everything will work. As you might expect you should also test everything before the day of the event to get it right.

Having the champagne pour down is actually quite impressive as well but you need to have proper glasses balanced for the flow. Many creators for this put a tiny chink in a side or balance it on one side so that it pours properly. No one wants to have it pour out all over the floor when you are having a huge event as well. It can turn a really great event into one that embarrasses your establishment if it works wrong.

Once you have poured everything you also often have to deliver the drinks to people as well. Servers need to take the items from the top while not disturbing the furniture or causing any other problems. Events such as these make the difference between a bar which has some style and one which absolutely amazes everyone who sees the event. This can also make the difference between a normal setting and one that makes you incredible amounts of money.

Unfortunately not all of these will work perfectly outdoors or indoors. Someone may clumsily slip into it or a rainstorm may fire up. In both cases you just need to be able to get all of your pieces in before a serious problem is caused by these unexpected events. In these cases you just have to make the best of this. It’s one reason that people often only do this inside a bar but by doing it outdoors, as we often see in Hollywood, you can often create a setup which is much more amazing.


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