A Partially Submerged Bar Pool

Submerged Bar PoolAt many resorts they have a very unusual take on outdoor furniture for bars, part of the bar is submerged. Usually the section underwater is the one that the customers are in because bartending while submerged has some unique problems that many people would rather not deal with. Since it is such an unusual setting you have to make some unusual choices for that very reason. At the same time you can get some unexpectedly great results if you get everything set up properly.

So how do these work? The most common type is the one that is built into the pool. Since the seating can be made of exactly the same materials as the pool itself it will never rust and rarely wears down. Unfortunately this sort of setting is often very uncomfortable since pools are not exactly made of pillows in many cases. So if you want to go with the traditional method then you may have some problems. There are alternatives though, which we will discuss shortly.

Outdoor Furniture of this type needs to be completely waterproof of course. You can buy some very soft pieces in this area while still having serious fashion and durability. Inflatable pieces are an option as well but they need to be from a special designer in order to not quickly pop. Fortunately there are super-fabrics which can be put underwater indefinitely. You can even simply add some cushions to a hard surface in order to complete the overall look and satisfy customers.

Unfortunately creating this look in either way can be very expensive. Architects will charge a premium to add seating to the base designer. Cushions which can be put underwater indefinitely are also extremely expensive for reasons that should be obvious. So you should not go with this look unless you have the money to burn which we talk about so often. You do have it then this can be a really amazing choice for any setting.

As you might expect submerging your outdoor furniture is really only suitable for hot climates. No one wants to freeze their butt off because you decided that you could only get your drinks in the pool in a cold climate. As such you should only do this in areas where you have hot weather for most of the year. You will of course also want to include a serving section for those who are not interested in swimming.

Another thing to consider is safety with this sort of bar. You have to make sure that your people do not ever serve someone more than they can take if they are in the pool. Businesses owners would probably expect people not to drink so much that they drown but at the same time having a life guard on duty might not be a bad idea. If possible you may even want to have one of your bartenders train in CPR. It would make for an interesting news story if one of them saved a person anyway.


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