Creating a “Bar”-beque Pit

Barbecue Pit DiagramBarbecue is something enjoyed around the world while sitting on comfortable outdoor furniture. No matter what continent you are on someone has found a way to take advantage of that cooking style. As such you can amuse friends and please customers by creating a cooking pit like this. From the Philippines to Europe many cultures have a method of this type and we’ll discuss the various options that you have when you are setting up one of these for yourself as well. It may be easier and more useful than you ever realized.

So how does a barbecue pit work? Depending on how you set it up it could work on hot coals, pressure or even gas in a few areas. All of these are popular ways to cook and smoking is another one where the smoke leaves the insides tender. No one way is better than the others and each one can give you a delicious taste and interesting setting for your next event.

Digging the pit can be an exhausting process because it has to be quite deep to fit a large amount of food. This is a weekend job that you can do with friends though and you will also need to have some slots to fit a spit into that the meat hangs from. Fortunately this process is not very complicated and all you really need is a shovel and a metal bar so it does not exactly need advanced DIY skills.

Fire Pit Tables actually have little in common with this style. While they both can be used to cook food one is meant more for an above-ground social gathering. A pit is made for people who want to see something truly unusual when they are getting their food. Each one has a distinct charm though that can make both of them a good choice.

Safety is extremely important when you use one of these. More than one person has drunkenly stumbled into a cooking area and suffered severe burns, although only a few people have ever been so drunk that they passed away after their unexpected trip. Children should also be kept away from the cooking area as they often do not know any better than to wander too close and can easily get injured if parents are not watching.

So what do you cook in such a pit? Usually you spit-roast a large piece of cow or pig. Sometimes you will even put in a whole pig in order to get unusual flavors. Preparing it once it has been cooked can be a bit difficult so you should either be someone who is trained in the process or invite someone to teach you. Many people also go with a Hawaiian or Southern theme because this cooking process is popular in both of those areas. Sauces and spices are also often cooked with the meat in order to infuse them throughout the dish. Make sure that you combine the perfect furniture with these amazing dishes for the best effect.


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