Decorating for a Thatched-roof Outdoor Bar

Bar with Thatched RoofThatched roofs are something that we have had since ancient times. While you do not see them paired up with every bit of furniture outside they are still a very popular accent to many settings where people are going for an organic look. Out of all the various ways in which you could achieve this the thatched style is probably the easiest way for you to handle all of this. Whether it works for you or not is something you will have to decide for yourself as well.

By far the Hawaiian style is the most popular one for this sort of setting. However a cabin look using thatched wood is gaining popularity in some circles. You never see metal designs with this not because we cannot shape it in this way, but because pretty much no one ever goes for a thatched style for a modern look. It is very unusual for a design such as this to work for anyone unless you are going for a themed resort. However it can be useful if you want to stand out.

Outdoor Bar Stools with organic looks are very important for this style, we’ve discussed this briefly before. Since the natural earth tones of wood fit with any thatching quite well it’s a natural fit for both of the pieces. Other dried plant fibers are also very important for you to use in this capacity as well. Rocks and earth around the area combine with plants to compete the overall look. You may even want to import some special tropical trees as well.

The only risk factor is whether it could catch fire. You should keep this in mind if you have any open flame around the area. Fortunately if you buy a pre-made model they are often treated to protect against this. If you built it yourself then you should make sure that you treat it with protective chemicals as well. Try not to use any finishes that are highly flammable. Although those are not very common in the modern day they still exist here and there.

Durability is also another consideration. While this style is very useful and strong it is only as good as the design work put into it. You should see multiple thatches running throughout the entire setting and be able to pick out detailed work that someone put into making it. If not you may have been sold an item which just will not work with your other outdoor furniture and will lead to a lot of trouble for you down the road.

Animals and bugs can sometimes nest in the upper area and this is only a problem if you do not want them there. You will have to handle driving them off with either some violent waving of a broom or perhaps even some chemical sprays. Be sure you have a way to keep everything clean when you are doing this or you could have a nasty surprise in the future for you down the road.



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