Creating a Naturally Cool Outdoor Bar

Cool Pool BarWhile air conditioning is great having a layout which can cool everyone down naturally is very important in areas where the weather is scorching. You have dozens of different options in this area and we’ll tell you about a few which you can use on your own time in order to create a fresh look that keeps everyone feeling better over time. This often won’t cost you another extra money either as long as you plan everything early on so that it works together with each separate piece.

For those who want to get a little lazy with it you can add a water feature. Even a small pool can be really useful for people at your restaurant or home. Cleaning it can be a bit of a chore so keep this in mind before you decide to go with such a setting at any point. Spills of drinks and food can be quite annoying for your staff who will soon be running around trying to keep track of all of it.

Using contemporary outdoor furniture you can quickly get started on the project. Due to the huge selection of colors and shapes you can easily choose one that is in a color which does not trap light and also allow wind to pass through quickly. Simply by having seating and tables that stay cool you can really cut down on how hot all of your guests are getting as well. If you are able to combine this with other pieces of the same type you can create a look that not only cools people down but looks good too.

Shade from trees and overhangs is another way in which you can keep everyone very cool no matter what is happening. Most trendy people are at least a little bit eco-conscious so this doubles as a handy way to appeal to them as well. Also what is more refreshing for eating outside than something that literally provides fresh air for us? Not much, as far as some people see it.

The placement of each piece is important as well. You not only want to put it into shade but in protective walkways and other areas where the architecture of your home or business protects the outdoor furniture naturally. It costs you little to do this and you can often simply move everything around yourself in order to quickly improve the whole setting without having to spend additional money.

One strange thing you can do is test the direction of the wind and the strength. It may sound odd but it will give you an idea of how the weather normally is in your area and how to change everything to match it in the long run. You may find that you have been setting everything up wrong for some time and there is a better way to do it which you can easily use to really improve the entire setting. Sometimes it is best to go with your gut with these things.


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